How to Connect the Mobile to a Car via Bluetooth

Today it is practically mandatory that our car has a wireless communication system. The famous “hands-free” allows our smartphone to connect to the car’s audio system and allows us to receive calls without taking our hands off the wheel. In addition, it has banished the famous bluetooth accessories that were put on the ears and that are not allowed.

Bluetooth is present in all price ranges and even in the simplest mobiles or feature phones. This allows us to connect the mobile phone to the car’s Bluetooth in a simple way and through different options. In addition, being able to receive or make calls, we will be able to keep our eyes and attention on the road since we will not have to touch the mobile at all once it is started.

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How do I connect the mobile to the car

The procedure is very simple, but we must follow an order. The first thing we have to do is activate the Bluetooth of our mobile before starting the car. To do this we enter Settings / Connections / Bluetooth and click on the switch to activate it. Once done, we must start the car and look for it in the list of available Bluetooth connections. Once done, we play in neutral cars and wait for the connection to be completed.

Some vehicles may ask us for a passcode . The most common by default are 0000 or 1234. If it is not any of these, we must consult the manual of our vehicle to have the correct password. Once done, the vehicle will be ready to receive and send calls or play multimedia content. If we are making the connection in an area with a large influx of cars, it is possible that there are several possible similar connections, so it is recommended to make the connection in an isolated area.

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Multimedia sound cannot be heard from the car’s Bluetooth

Two things can happen in this circumstance. The first is that the vehicle is not compatible with this option, generally due to age. In this way, the multimedia sound of the phone will not be emitted by the handsfree once both devices have been paired. This would not be the case with calls, which will be issued correctly.

It may also happen that we do not have it activated in the connectivity options with our car. To check this, we go back to Settings / Connections / Bluetooth and touch the connection to see if we have both the calls and multimedia audio boxes checked. If not, we will have to activate it so that this option is also available.

If you are going to use Android Auto

Android Auto is a tool pre-installed on a large number of Android smartphones and can be shared with many vehicles. What we need in this case is to have a smartphone compatible with Android 6 or higher. Then we start the Android Auto application or download it if we don’t have it on our mobile.

If we have already paired the phone with the car previously, we will only have to select it to enable the automatic start of Android Auto . The command “OK Google”. It will allow us to make calls, answer them, play songs on various services such as Spotify or start a specific navigation with Google Maps.

Android Auto

If it supports car screen

This option allows you to connect the mobile phone to the car via Bluetooth, but it also adapts the Android Auto interface to the vehicle’s screen. In this case, we must make sure that our car is compatible with the Android Auto screen. Then we connect one end of a USB cable to the car’s USB port and connect the other end to our Android phone. We just have to accept the steps that appear on the screen. The phone’s Bluetooth connection will be activated automatically when Android Auto is connected to the car via a USB cable.