How to Configure Arrival Notification on iPhone with iOS 17

The iOS 17 update introduced a variety of new features, including one that often goes unnoticed: Arrival Notification. This feature allows you to automatically notify contacts when you arrive at your destination and decide what details are shared with them.

To configure Arrival Notification on your iPhone with iOS 17, follow these steps:

arrival notice

  1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone.
  2. Start a new conversation or select an existing conversation where you want to enable Arrival Notification.
  3. Tap the “+” icon in the bottom left corner and select “More” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Among the options, you’ll find “Arrival Notice” with a yellow icon. Tap it.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions for the initial setup. iOS will explain the function and ask what data you want to share if you don’t reach your destination. You can also send a test notice to understand how it works.
  6. In the conversation history with the chosen contact, you’ll see an Arrival Notification box. Tap “Edit.”
  7. You have two options for configuring Arrival Notification:
    • With Timer: This is the default option. You set a time period, and if you don’t end the check-in session before the selected time expires, the feature will send a notification to your contact.
    • Upon Arrival: You must select a destination location, including the tracking area size (small, medium, or large), and choose your mode of transportation (car, public transport, or on foot). You can add extra time if needed. Arrival Notification monitors your trip and notifies the other person if your iPhone doesn’t move forward for an extended period or doesn’t reach the destination as scheduled. The session concludes automatically when you arrive at your destination.
  8. Once configured, tap the blue Send icon to activate the Arrival Notification.
  9. By tapping the yellow “Details” button, you can cancel the arrival notification, change the data shared if you don’t reach your destination, or add extra time if you’re delayed. Note that if you don’t respond within 15 minutes after receiving the reminders, multiple notifications will be sent to your recipient.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arrival Notification:

  • What happens if you lose service or your phone goes off? If you’ve started an Arrival Notification session but encounter loss of service or your phone turns off, your recipient may receive an early or delayed notification. They can also view the details you’ve shared.
  • What details are shared with your recipient? You can choose between two levels of detail when configuring Arrival Notification:
    • Reduced: Shares your most recent location, information about your iPhone’s battery, and network signal strength for both your phone and Apple Watch (if you have one).
    • Complete: In addition to the previous data (location, battery information, and network signal), it adds the distance you’ve traveled and the last time you unlocked your iPhone or removed your Apple Watch.
  • What versions of iOS is it compatible with? Arrival Notification requires iOS 17 or later on your iPhone. The recipient’s device must also have iOS 17 or a newer version for the feature to work.

By following these steps and understanding how Arrival Notification works, you can make use of this convenient feature to notify contacts of your safe arrivals at your destinations.