How to Configure a Proxy in Windows 10 and Why

When we connect to the Internet we can do it in different ways, different connections and devices. We can navigate from a mobile, computer, tablet … We can do it from a Wi-Fi network or through cable. We also have the possibility of connecting through a VPN or a proxy server, two interesting options if we want to improve privacy or be able to access content that is geographically restricted. In this article we are going to explain how to configure a proxy in Windows 10.

configure a proxy

How to configure a proxy in Windows

Windows 10 is today the most used operating system on desktop computers. It is present in the majority of home users and also at the level of companies and organizations. We can use a wide variety of networking related tools. Programs that allow us to modify certain aspects when browsing the net .

But Windows also has a wide range of possibilities in terms of its own functions. Without having to install anything additional we can configure certain elements that can be useful for Internet connections . An example is being able to configure a proxy so that our navigation goes through there instead of going directly to the sites we visit or the services we use.

Setting up a proxy in Windows is very simple. You just have to follow the steps that we are going to mention. The first thing is to go to Start, we open Settings, we go to Network and Internet and once we are here we must click on Proxy , which is the last option that appears on the left.

Configurar un proxy en Windows

When we are at this point we have to enable the option to Use proxy server . By default it is disabled. We simply have to check the box and we can configure the different parameters that it has.

Usar un servidor proxy

Setting it up is very simple. We simply have to put the IP address of that proxy, as well as its port . From that moment we can save the changes and our connection will go through the proxy server that we have configured. We will not have to install any additional programs.

Use proxy server with exceptions

As we will see below, Windows 10 itself offers us the possibility of using the proxy server that we have configured, but with some exceptions . We may not be interested in connecting to certain pages through this server and we want you to use our connection. This could be interesting if, for example, we connect to a proxy server in another country and we need to enter Spanish web pages that are restricted in other nations. It is very common for streaming video platforms to only broadcast in the country of origin of the account. Also many other services may be geographically restricted.

In this way, simply by putting the address of that site we can prevent them from connecting through the proxy. We can put as many addresses as we want, separated all of them by “;” (semicolon).

Why it is interesting to use a proxy

A proxy is sometimes confused with the use of VPN tools, and its use can be similar. At least if we speak in a generic way, we can say that it helps us maintain privacy on the network, improve security and also be able to access certain services.

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between our computer (the client) and the site we visit (the server). In this way, what the server receives is the IP address of that proxy that we are using. A way to hide our real one.

Maintain privacy

One of the goals of using a proxy server is to maintain anonymity on the network . As we have mentioned, when we connect through this type of service we can hide our real IP address. What the destination site gets is the proxy’s own IP and not ours.

Keep in mind that privacy is a very important factor when browsing the net. There are many methods through which they can collect data and the IP address is one of them.

Content blocking

We can also use it to block content . There are certain proxy servers that can even block pages that are insecure. One more way to prevent malware from entering and end up on a maliciously modified site to attack.

Access geographically restricted content

Of course, they also serve to access content that may be geographically restricted . Let’s take as an example that we want to enter a streaming series platform in the United Kingdom and it is blocked in Spain. We can configure a proxy to act as if we are in this country.

The same could be achieved if we are traveling abroad and we are interested in accessing content that is only available in Spain. We therefore have different options in this regard.

Avoid attacks

Finally, it also serves to improve security . We can prevent attacks that may be directed against our device. Ultimately we are keeping our privacy safe and we do not expose data.

In short, setting up a proxy in Windows is very simple. We have seen the utility it has and all the necessary steps to be able to have it ready in the Microsoft operating system.