How to clean the screen of your Apple computer

Mac screens are one of the most important elements of the equipment , especially because of its resolution and because when we buy this type of equipment, we look for the perfect calibration to work on audiovisual design or production tasks. In this post we are going to see how to clean the screen of the equipment correctly and avoid scratches on the screen or the entry of dust into the grilles of our Mac.

First steps

How to clean the screen of your Apple computer

To clean the computer screen, the first thing we have to do is disconnect any external connection to the computer and turn off the screen. Nothing happens if the computer is on, but it is best to have the computer turned off, to prevent the screen from turning on for any reason and burning the panel due to the presence of water.

The best way to clean the device is with the cloth that Apple sells from its website or use any cloth that we use to clean glasses. It is important to mention that it is very interesting to use two cloths, one to clean the chassis and the other to clean the screen. To clean up Mac, you have to perform the following steps:

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We are going to take the cloth with warm water , where we have to moisten it a lot with water and then press to remove all the liquid in order to avoid spillage on the equipment. If you have a laptop, we have to change the position of it, where the screen is the one that rests on a flat table and we hit it with the cloth on the screen, very carefully. First, we are going to pass the mop or cloth around the edges , which is where the greatest amount of waste is deposited and then, through the center of the screen. In case of having a desktop, then you do the same process but without changing the position of the equipment.

Cleaning always has to be from the bottom up , to avoid that the small dust specks that come out fall on the keyboard or again on the screen. You can also wet the cloth again and repeat the process if you think there has been an area where the result has not been perfect. Along with cleaning the screen, it is also recommended to clean the back of the equipment , to prevent dust from accumulating in the connection port inputs and the grill where the audio comes out. The cloth must be completely dry to prevent the entry of liquids. Finally, you have two cloths, one to clean the case and another to clean the screen to remove dust and polish the screen. If you use the same cloth, it can cause scratches on the screen.

Fundamental recommendations

It is always good to have the cloth extended and not wrinkled to avoid overpressure in some areas of the screen, especially because it leaves dust marks concentrated on the cloth or mop. Finally, leave the equipment for 5-10 minutes to dry completely. As for products, you can never use products that are abrasive , be they alcohol products, metal cleaners that contain alcohol or bleach because they can seriously damage the screen. of your device or the chassis and above all, it can cause the loss of warranty due to improper use.

If you want to buy technical cleaning products, they sell cleaning equipment on Apple’s own website , but in most cases a little water is enough. In the event that this is not the case, we strongly recommend using Apple products, especially since the product warranty may be voided.

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