How to choose the most reliable AliExpress sellers

All kinds of products are sold on AliExpress. Depending on the product, we may find lower prices from a specific seller and go directly to buy from him. The problem is that we may be putting our money or our time at risk if we don’t buy from a reliable seller and have to deal with AliExpress customer support.

AliExpress has millions of sellers , and that means that when buying a product there may be hundreds or thousands of alternatives. The search engine usually shows us the most relevant results, including, for example, the best sellers or those with the best opinions . However, you may have an incentive to order the cheapest, and that can get you some scares.

choose the most reliable AliExpress sellers

Buying from a reliable seller is important when receiving an item with a minimum quality, and above all that the product is truly sent and we do not have to waste time waiting to receive something that has not been sent, and in turn neither waste time claiming until we get the money back. Therefore, it is advisable to follow a series of tips.

Top brands and more than 90% positive ratings

The first is to look for stores that have the Top Brand seal (Top Brand, or Top Brand) . These stores have been verified by the store, and also have a minimum of good evaluations, with a percentage of positive opinions higher than 90%. The products they sell are original, and it is also in their own interest to respond to any complaint or problem to continue maintaining the status.

Even if a store does not have this seal, it is important that you always buy in stores that have high valuation percentages greater than 90% . It is difficult to find a store that has 100%, as there are always unhappy buyers, but it is not difficult to find reliable stores with percentages above 90%.

Average opinions on products sold

Within the profile of each seller we also have the score divided into three categories: if the item sent matches the description , if the communication with the seller is good, and the speed of the shipment . The store also shows us on the right if the positive opinions are higher than the average. Just below, we can see the percentage of positive votes in the last month, the last 3 months and the last 6 months.

Age of the store and followers

Another important aspect, although not as important as the previous ones, is the age of the store . In China, it is very common for sellers to delete a profile and open a new one in case they accumulate too many negative opinions. Thus, if the seller has registered in the last year, it may be one of those.

Finally, another interesting piece of information is to see the number of followers a store has on AliExpress. If you have few followers, it does not imply that the store is not to be trusted, but if it has many, then we may have a trustworthy profile.

Beyond analyzing the seller himself, it is important to see the opinions of users who have previously purchased the product, since when they get home it may not be as described in the ad. In the event that the store has many opinions, but the article is not because it is new, you can look at similar articles on its profile to see if it corresponds to reality. We can also filter the search by articles that have at least 4 positive stars. Finally, we can take a look at the number of products sold, which is also usually a good indication if it is coupled with large and positive opinions.