How to Bypass the Super Mario RPG Bug and Keep Progressing in the Game

Nintendo is known for its quality games with few bugs, but every now and then, even the gaming giant faces issues. A major bug has been discovered in Super Mario RPG that prevents players from progressing through the game. If you’re a player experiencing this problem, don’t worry – we’ve got a solution for you. Read on to learn how to avoid any frustrations when playing Super Mario RPG.

The Rare Nintendo Bug

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Nintendo games are typically rock-solid when it comes to bugs, especially those that could hinder a player’s progress. That’s why the recent discovery of a significant bug in Super Mario RPG has players both surprised and frustrated. This bug, however, doesn’t put your saved games in danger, but rather your game progression.

Understanding the Super Mario RPG Bug

The bug in Super Mario RPG occurs after the Praatroupa event in Monstro Town. Once this event is completed, players are tasked with heading to Land’s End to continue the main storyline. However, an encounter with a Paratroopa squad is supposed to take place on the way, and that’s where the problem arises. For some players, this squad fails to appear on the map, leaving them stuck and unable to progress.

Nintendo’s Response:

Nintendo has acknowledged this bug and plans to release a patch in December to fix it. The big question for players is whether this will affect their saved games or if moving past this point without encountering the Paratroopa squad will impact their progression once the bug is resolved.

How to Work Around the Bug:

If you’re eager to continue your Super Mario RPG adventure and don’t want to wait for the December patch, there is a workaround. Follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Paratroopa event inside Monstro Town.
  2. After leaving Monstro Town, don’t head directly to Land’s End.
  3. Instead, make a detour to the Mushroom Kingdom.
  4. From there, continue on to Land’s End.

This workaround will trigger the Paratroopa squad encounter as Nintendo originally intended, allowing you to defeat them and continue your journey in Super Mario RPG. You won’t need to wait for the December patch, and your progression will remain intact.


While encountering bugs in beloved games can be frustrating, it’s reassuring to know that developers are actively working to resolve them. In the case of the Super Mario RPG bug, players can either wait for Nintendo’s patch in December or use the workaround provided to keep their Mario adventure on track. Happy gaming!