How to buy school books on Amazon

As August winds down, the familiar challenge of procuring textbooks for our children looms ahead. The task can prove daunting if we limit ourselves to local bookstores in our vicinity. Often, we find ourselves either having to place orders or hopping between various stores to complete the required list. Fortunately, Amazon has stepped in to alleviate this process. Curious to know how?

Navigating the realm of school supplies is undeniably one of the significant challenges that greet us at the start of a new academic year. While the quest to secure all the necessary textbooks might resemble an odyssey, ensuring their timely arrival often feels like an improbable feat.

In recent years, Amazon has emerged as a reliable solution, serving as a pivotal platform to navigate this endeavor. Adding to its offerings, Amazon now lightens the financial burden typically associated with September by offering a €5 discount voucher for eligible purchases. We’re here to guide you through the process of accessing this benefit through the dedicated platform they’ve created: School Books.

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Navigating School Book Purchases on Amazon

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the two primary methods Amazon offers for securing your school books at the most competitive prices and having them conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Upload a photo of your book list

Many schools provide families with comprehensive lists of required books for each academic year. To streamline this process, Amazon introduces the option to upload an image or PDF of the list directly onto their platform, allowing for an automated search and purchase procedure.


upload list school books amazon

The only requirement for the image is clear visibility of the ISBN codes. This enables Amazon’s search engine to seamlessly generate the list and proceed with the purchasing steps.

Copy and paste the ISBN

For those who find it more convenient, Amazon presents an alternative method. You can effortlessly copy and paste the ISBN codes from the list provided by the school into the designated text box. This can be done even if there is additional information present on the same line.

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Finish your purchase

After successfully adding all the required titles—whether they pertain to various grade levels—you can proceed to include them in your cart. This can be done individually for selective purchases or as a collective group.

finalize purchase school books amazon

At this point, Amazon will guide you through entering your shipping details, selecting your preferred delivery timeline, choosing a payment method, and ultimately concluding the transaction. Your purchase will be complete, and you can anticipate the arrival of your school books in due course.

finalize purchase school books amazon

Exploring Your Book Selection by Grade

In addition to the two methods highlighted, Amazon introduces a third option: the ability to search for books based on the specific grade level. Within this avenue, there are four distinct categories to choose from: Infant, Primary, ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education), and Baccalaureate. This approach allows you to peruse the entire range of offerings available on the online store.

In this case, the search process is manual, requiring you to navigate through pages much like a traditional search. This method becomes particularly useful when needing to secure alternative titles due to availability constraints.

Unlock a €5 Gift and Enjoy Extended Return Policies

As the transition back to school gains momentum, families with school-aged children encounter the familiar September challenges—school supplies and preparations taking center stage. In recognition of this annual scenario, Amazon emerges as an even more appealing choice. Starting from August 11 until September 30, all purchases exceeding €70 on primary and secondary books will receive a €5 discount.

To apply this discount, the purchase must fall within the specified categories of the Back to School Store, which encompass Office and Stationery, Fashion, Backpacks, and Computers. Simply input the code during the order processing phase. Remember, the code remains redeemable until November 14, 2023, and is not combinable with other promotions.

Furthermore, purchases conducted between June 15 and September 15 are eligible for return until October 15, 2023, ensuring added flexibility for shoppers.