How to Burn a Disc on Mac: CD or DVD

Burning a CD or DVD on Mac was common a few years ago. Now, with the transition to other technologies, we find that the newer equipment does not even have a CD and DVD player. However, it can still be very useful for older devices that do have this element and even for those that use an external device. That’s why in this post we show you how to burn a disk in macOS.

Burn a CD to Mac with iTunes

If you have a Mac that has macOS Mojave or an earlier version of the operating system, you can record a CD or DVD on the Mac through the popular iTunes. How? Well, following these steps:

grabar disco mac

  1. Insert the CD or DVD, either on the Mac if it has a CD player included or on the external media that you must have connected to the computer.
  2. Open iTunes on the Mac.
  3. Generate a playlist with the music you want to import on the CD.
  4. Right-click on the playlist and select the option “Burn playlist to disc”.
  5. Click on the “Record” option .

Once this is done, the recording of the songs to the CD will begin and it will only be a matter of a few minutes before the process ends and when this happens iTunes will send you a message informing you of this.

Burn content to a CD or DVD with Finder

If your operating system is macOS Catalina or later , you will have verified that iTunes no longer appears, since it has been divided into several independent apps and the external device management part is now carried out with Finder. It should be noted that burning a CD or DVD through Finder can also be carried out on Mac with previous versions . Therefore it is a very useful method for all.

grabar CD DVD Mac macOS

To carry out this process you will have to insert the disc in the Mac or external CD player and later a message will appear where you will be asked with which program you want to open the disc. Here you must select Finder , although this option may have already been checked by default. Now you must go to the left sidebar of Finder to see the new item called “CD / DVD without title”. Within this item an empty folder will appear, which you must fill with the content you want to burn to the disc. To do this you must drag or paste the files .

Once the content you want to burn is already in the disc folder, you can order it to your liking. That is to say, if it is a music CD that you are going to record, you can choose the order of the tracks so that they can be played that way later. To start the process, you must go to the top Finder toolbar and select File> Burn CD / DVD without title . Once the process is finished you will be informed through a pop-up window. At this time the CD or DVD will be ready to be played on any compatible device, whether or not Apple.

And that is how simple it is to record a disc in macOS. You will no longer have to see yourself displaced by the new media and you will be able to burn as many discs as you want through your Mac computer.