How to Avoid Screen Flickering on Your Mobile

Avoid Screen Flickering on Your Mobile

There is a problem with the flickering of the Android screen and that is that it can appear when you least expect it. Also, it is too annoying to ignore and for this reason it is almost necessary to fix it as soon as possible … if you know how.

This panel flickering, also known as Flickering , is usually caused by changes in the refresh rate of the screen that involve the appearance of different brightness patterns. The eye sees it as if there were stripes on the screen that flicker from top to bottom or from left to right.


Since it is a display problem, it affects everything we do with the smartphone but, luckily, there are many solutions to try to fix it.

What is this flickering thing?

Flickering is something that is perfectly observed when we make a video pointing at a monitor with a refresh rate and a photographic speed different from the captured element. That’s when a series of moving lines appear that obstructs vision.

However, it is not the same that it appears when we are recording a clip or taking a photo, than when we only have our eyes looking at the panel. In this case, the problem is indicative that something is wrong with the phone and that we are going to have to fix it one way or another.

Is it the fault of the hardware or the software?


Of course, if your device’s screen is cracked or cracked, this could be causing it to flicker. You should take the phone to a technical support center as soon as possible.

If there is no trace of bump or scratches, there are several different reasons for the annoying flickering to appear on the screens of our Android mobile, but each one has a solution. In general, the problem is usually in the software, either because the display driver is damaged, an update has caused the error or because some application that we just installed is giving us this headache.

Hopefully, after you have finished following these tips that we are going to list below these lines, you will never have a flickering screen problem on your mobile again . In fact, if after trying everything the problem still does not disappear, you have reached the point where you have discovered that the fault is in the hardware. If so, you will have to take the phone for repair.

Try this before you throw away your phone

That the mobile has this failure does not mean that it can never function normally again or that you have to throw it away and change it for another. There are many things you can try before you go to these extremes.

Restart the phone

The easiest way to ensure that this is not a temporary error is to reboot the phone first. Doing so closes all third-party background services and processes that are active when using the mobile and will also update its components in case any of them have encountered a critical failure during execution. If doing so the screen no longer fails, check all the recent applications you have installed.

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Remove the screen saver

On more occasions than thought, a failure that is causing us a severe headache is usually related to the accessory that we have housed in the phone. If you see the screen wrong, the first thing to do is remove all material that is on the glass and your eyes, that is, if you have a screen protector remove it and check if the fault is still present or not.

Boot into safe mode

Alternatively, Android users can also try using the smartphone in safe mode for a couple of hours, allowing us to work with the original software we love the phone out of the box, without the third-party changes and apps that you will download.

Unlike a factory reset, Safe Mode preserves the data on your phone and you can return to the normal experience at any time. If in safe mode, the flickering disappears, you will know for sure that it is a software failure and you will have to do a factory reset or delete the apps you have recently installed.

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To access safe mode, press and hold the power button and select the option to restart in this mode. To exit safe mode, repeat the procedure, but selecting the Restart option.

Disable automatic brightness

The automatic brightness adjustment is responsible for constantly altering the screen illumination based on data from the light sensor. Without our knowledge, a software update or a hardware defect could cause this problem, so try to disable it from Settings> Display.

Check for updates

It is possible that the problem you are facing may have appeared after installing a system update. If you are in this situation, we recommend that you wait for the release of a patch with corrections or look for a temporary solution in the manufacturer’s forums. You can even go back to an older firmware to remove what you have installed.

Disable hardware overlays

To render everything that passes through our screen, the phone dynamically decides if the work will be handled by the CPU or the GPU. While the transition is usually perfect, a phone with a certain time can generate some kind of delay in these operations, causing the screen to fluctuate because it basically has nothing to show.

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To solve this, you can configure the phone to assign all graphics to the GPU from the Developer Options (accessed by clicking several times on the kernel version of the device) and check the option to Disable HW overlays.

Of course, keep in mind that this will consume more battery.

Hard reset

Factory reset is the most rudimentary troubleshooting method you can run, and luckily, it’s our “lifeline” for most of the problems that come up on your phone. Doing so will return the mobile to its original state, which is why not only you can, but you must, make a backup copy of the contents that you have hosted on the phone.

On your Android mobile, you can reset your phone by going to Settings> System. There, you must locate the Restore Options and select Erase all data. If you cannot find it, you can use the search engine in the Settings app and enter “factory reset” in the text field.

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Your phone will take a few minutes to reset depending on the amount of data you have stored on it, but in return the failure will have disappeared. If it is still present, there is not much else you can do and you will have to take the phone in for repair.