How to Avoid Facebook Tracking in Firefox

The Internet does not stop growing with new platforms, websites and stores that appear constantly online. This opens up a huge range of possibilities, but the privacy and security of our data gains in importance. This is something that is extensible to most current browsers like Chrome , Firefox or Microsoft’s Edge.

One of the most common actions that these web portals carry out in the middle of 2020 is the monitoring that they carry out of our movements. These can be carried out for various reasons, whether for commercial or any other purpose. An example is the monitoring and “control” made by one of the most visited platforms worldwide, the social network Facebook.

facebook privacy

Browse more privately on Facebook from Firefox

Well, in the event that you want to avoid this monitoring of the social platform, from Firefox 74 we can use an official complement. It is actually a container that is created in the browser and that prevents Facebook from tracking our web browsing activity. In this way, any of the Facebook trackers are automatically blocked to increase our online privacy from Firefox .

Facebook Container

To give you an idea, this Facebook container that you can download from the official Firefox store , completely isolates the activity on Facebook from the browser itself. Thus, when we install the Facebook Container extension that we refer to here, it removes cookies from Facebook, and disconnects from the site and closes any other Facebook tab that is open.

Say that this is a free development of Mozilla itself and allows us to navigate Facebook as always, but with privacy. When the item is active, we will see a black line under the corresponding Firefox tab. This indicates that the container is active and that everything related to the social network in that container is isolated from the rest. Say that any non-Facebook link we click inside the container will open in a normal tab outside of isolation.

What does Facebook Container give us after its installation

For all the aforementioned, as we see the purpose of the plugin is to prevent any activity related to Facebook from disturbing us on the Internet. For all this, avoid tracking during normal browsing activity. Of course, we must bear in mind that the plugin as such can do nothing with the information that Facebook already has from previous sessions. Thus, to be able to move around the social network in a more private way, it is enough that we download and add Facebook Container to the browser.

Facebook Container Firefox

Also by clicking on the icon that will be created next to the navigation bar, we can indicate the platforms for which the container will be active. This is important since this is something that in addition to the aforementioned, also blocks the monitoring of Instagram and Messenger . On the contrary, the same extension also allows us to exclude URLs from these restrictions so that in these we can interact with the platform.

To do this, all we have to do is navigate through Firefox to that specific address and click on the container icon to select “Allow the site in the Facebook Container”.