How to always play on hard with PS5 games

How to always play on hard with PS5 games

If challenges are your thing and you prefer to always play all the games you set your mind to on hard or very hard, PS5 has a very interesting option that will save you a few seconds every time you start a game, whatever the game. If you are interested in this function, we will leave you with the necessary steps so that you can configure it by default on your console.

Play hard mode on PS5

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Normally, all games select the easy difficulty mode by default when starting a new game. The options are usually Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard (generic names that some games can customize), and although by default it is usually the Easy option that is selected in each game, many users usually change the mode to Normal or higher levels.

In The Last of Us , for example, the difficulty levels are Very Easy, Easy, Moderate, Hard, and Survivor. In the end, the games always have 5 different difficulty modes that correspond to the 5 available in the system options.

If you are one of these types of users and you are tired of always changing the same thing, your PS5 includes an option to be able to set the difficulty of all games by default, thus avoiding the inconvenience of having to change it every time you start a game.

To set this default difficulty setting you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to system settings on your PS5. It is the icon that you have at the top right in the main menu of the console.
  2. Go to Settings for games/applications and saved data
  3. Select Game Presets
  4. In the Difficulty section choose the one you want to set as default

The default option is “Game Default”, and this option basically leaves you with the default option that determines the game, which is usually the “Easy” option.

Why play hard?

The Last of Us 2

Playing certain games on hard mode may seem challenging and too risky, but the truth is that some games change completely when you increase the difficulty. The AI of the enemies reaches its true potential, and the challenges that are presented to you make you need to squeeze even more of the game’s mechanics and options.

If you completed the story mode of a game and it seemed too simple and you even had too many objects left over that you did not get to use, it is clear that what you need is to increase the difficulty level one more step to find yourself with more challenging challenges.

An example where you can especially notice leveling up is in The Last of Us Part 2 , as things get much more complicated on higher difficulty levels. The listening mode will be disabled (you will not be able to see the silhouettes of the enemies behind the walls), and the supplies will be much more limited, so you will have to take care of the ammunition and weapons. What has been playing in difficult.