How to Add or Remove Special Sounds on Xiaomi

By default, Xiaomi mobiles include a series of special sounds that we can hear when we take a photo, delete files from the gallery or, for example, when we unlock the mobile. These additions give us a positive feeling when we launch our smartphone, but when we have it for a while it can become somewhat repetitive. Luckily for us at MIUI we have options to avoid it.

How to Add or Remove Special Sounds on Xiaomi

These adjustments are present in MIUI 10, MIUI 11 and also in MIUI 12 , making practically all the brand’s mobiles have options to offer us even to customize the sounds. Depending on the ones that bother us more or less, we will be able to adapt them. Without resorting to this option, you can only disable them by putting the sound of calls on silence, which does not allow us to know when someone calls us or sends us messages, so these steps that we explain are the only real solution.

Configure the special sounds in MIUI

The many possibilities that MIUI offers us on Xiaomi phones facilitates this process so that we do not have to download applications or do hidden tricks. We just have to follow these simple steps:

sonidos especiales xiaomi

  • We start by entering the settings of our Xiaomi mobile.
  • Then we look for the option of sound and vibration.
  • We went all the way down and touched on additional settings.
  • A panel opens with almost all the special sounds that are on our mobile.

In the process of choosing the Xiaomi sounds we have no restrictions on keeping some and deactivating others, everything will depend on the tastes of each user.

Remove sound when taking photos on Xiaomi

To finish customizing the special sounds of Xiaomi we have to talk about its camera app. Surely you have detected that our mobile when taking photos emits the classic sound of photography just as the old cameras did, this may like us but at the same time we find it somewhat outdated. To configure it we have to follow these steps:

ajustes cámara xiaomi sonido

  • We start by accessing the Xiaomi camera.
  • Then we touch on the added options that appear at the top.
  • Next we enter the camera settings through the gear wheel.
  • In the different sections we will see the option to deactivate the camera sounds

Once everything is completed, we can only take advantage of our mobile, now that we have deactivated those repetitive sounds that Xiaomi integrates in MIUI and which for now we cannot customize in any other way than by removing them.