How to add emojis to an Excel

Excel is essential software without which it is already difficult to imagine many things. It is not only useful to make invoices or to make some kind of graphs, Excel can also be used to keep our accounts or if we want to keep track of our energy consumption, for example. By definition, this program is designed to use almost all numbers, but if we want to give our Spreadsheets a little “joy”, we have the option of using emojis of all kinds . We tell you how to do it.

It may sound strange, but the truth is that emojis have many uses in Excel, we can even use them in formulas. To insert them into a Spreadsheet we will have several different ways , but all of them are quite simple to carry out. We must bear in mind that if we want the emojis to appear in color, it is best to go to the online version of Excel. Next, we leave them all to you.

How to add emojis to an Excel

With a keyboard shortcut

The first way we have to insert these emojis in Excel is the simplest and fastest. To do this, all we have to do is press the cell where we want the emoji to be pasted and enter the keyboard shortcut Windows + . so that the emoji keyboard appears on the screen.

In this way, the Windows emojis will quickly appear on the screen and we will be able to insert them into cells in an unlimited way , as we please. The good thing about this shortcut is that it also helps you use emojis in other Microsoft Office programs.

Use the virtual keyboard

The virtual keyboard is another way that we can quickly enter emojis in our Excel. It is true that doing it this way is a bit more tedious than if we opted directly for the keyboard shortcut, but it is still worth taking into account.

The first thing we must do is make the virtual keyboard appear on the screen. To do this, we will have to right-click on the bottom bar of the screen and click on the option that indicates Show the touch keyboard button in the drop-down menu. This will make a keyboard icon appear right next to the clock, and it will be with this that we insert the emojis.

As before, we will have to have Excel open and a box selected. Once this is done, we will only have to press the keyboard button that we have said just before, and when the on-screen keyboard appears, we will only have to press on the emoji symbol so that all the options that we have available appear.

Insert it through a web

If you do not want to go to any of these previous options, you always have the possibility of using one of the web pages that are on the Internet to be able to use emojis. These websites are very simple , most only have a search engine to enter the word we want and all the emojis that match it will appear in a couple of seconds.

Pages like EmojiTerra or Emojipedia work great for this. All we have to do is search for any emoji, click where it tells us to copy and then go to the part of Excel where we want to paste it so that it stays inserted.

Uses that we can give to emojis

It is obvious that emojis are capable by themselves to give color and variety to our Spreadsheets. The most common use that we are going to give them is to insert them in any cell that comes to mind, but we can also use them in several other places that may not have even crossed your mind.

  • in page name

If, for example, you have a page dedicated to the expenses you have when shopping, and another dedicated to the cost of electricity at home, you can customize each page with an emoji. For example, in those two cases you can use a building and a light bulb or lightning, respectively.

  • in formulas

One of the best features of Excel is its mathematical formulas, and of course the emojis were not willing to miss them. These can also be used with them without problems, and an example could be =IF(B4>5;”??”;”??”), replacing the question marks with the emoji you want.

  • in charts

By being able to use emojis in cells as if they were numerical values, we can also easily use them in graphs of all kinds. This is very fun, and also attractive to be able to show the graphs to whoever you want.