How to Activate the Filtering of Messages in a Huawei

At some point or another in our life we have always received an SMS or similar, either from a close person or one we do not know, which is out of tune. Something that usually happens sometimes after finishing arguing or getting angry with someone. For this reason, having a tool that prevents us from being able to send us a text full of insults would be the ideal. Fortunately, Huawei has a message filter that will help us avoid that, whether in applications such as WhatsApp or any other application.

Therefore, if you have a mobile phone from the Asian manufacturer, you will be able to not receive a single message plus some type of insult or offensive content. Best of all, it is its own integrated system by the Chinese firm, so it will not be necessary to have any type of third-party software. It will even allow us to adjust this tool to avoid unwanted calls.

What is this EMUI function for?

As we mentioned in Huawei mobile devices, you can find a quite striking function that not all brands enjoy having. We refer to a tool designed to filter or even block calls and messages that are unwanted or that have an offensive vocabulary.

This is one of those tools that will help us establish that a type of text reaches us based on the content it has. It will let us establish different words or numbers, so if certain words are used for a message or a number that we have registered in said tool it tries to call us, we can make that text or call never reach us, since it will go directly to a paper bin.

Filtro de Huawei

This means that a notification as such will not be displayed on the panel of the mobile device, and in the case of being an SMS it will go directly to nothing. In addition, it becomes a good way that certain content does not reach us in a simple way. And that will also work for those parents who leave their smartphones to their children.

Within this functionality of Huawei smartphones we can perform the following tasks :

  • Establish unwanted contacts.
  • Filter messages from specific numbers.
  • That the contents that have the specific keywords do not reach us.
  • Configure if you want to receive notifications of those filtered texts.
  • Manage the contents that have been filtered.

Filter messages on a Huawei

The truth is that, although it is a function that not all users of the Asian firm know, the truth is that if we investigate among the different options of our smartphone it is quite likely that we will end up finding this functionality. Above all, because surely at some point we have wanted to block on our mobile device the option of receiving some type of text or even calls from unknown numbers. In the event that you have not found it on your own, you must follow the following steps:

  • Access the Huawei Phone Manager .
  • Enter the Filter section.
  • Click on the cogwheel icon, which is displayed in the upper right.
  • Then, enter the Keyword Blacklist section.
  • Click on Add and once inside we will only have to enter those words that we want to block or filter.

Filtro de Huawei

And once you have entered all the ones you wanted, you can exit this section of the mobile. In addition, if later we want to continue adding more, it will only be necessary to repeat the process with those words that we want to go directly to it. If at a certain moment we want to eliminate them, it will also be possible by following the previous steps again and deleting the terms that had been marked. To have a series of established terms, we will manage not to see them on our smartphone.

And you have to specify that these messages are going to be sent directly to the trash can found in the terminal manager itself, so that they will never be displayed in the inbox or if it comes from an app, it will not appear on the screen. .

How to block calls

One of the great advantages of this functionality of the smartphones of the Chinese brand is that there are different ways to configure the blacklist . So it never hurts to know about them, since it will allow us to have a wide panorama of the options that can be found available in any Huawei. Next, we will show you each one of them.

Filtro de Huawei

First, you will have to enter the function from the phone manager: Enter the Phone manager application> Filter > select Settings (the gear located in the upper right part of the panel). Once we are in this menu, different options will appear:

  • Rules of interception.
  • Black list of numbers, of keywords and white list of numbers.
  • Notifications.

In the Notifications option we can configure alerts for blocked numbers, those blocked numbers that do not appear on the black list or none (since it lets us set the option to never). On the other hand, in the Interception Rules section we can configure the blocking of unknown / hidden numbers, all unknown numbers, incoming calls and for the part of messages all unknown numbers. Although what really interests us in this section is the fact of adding a number to the black list to block all calls and all messages from it within the list menu. In this same, it will offer us two more alternatives:

  • Keyword blacklist: those containing the listed keywords will be blocked.
  • White list of numbers: it will allow us to add a number to the white list to allow all calls and all its contents.

Configure your mobile notifications

In case of not wanting to establish a message filter in our terminal because we only want to make the notifications on the lock screen not appear by default for a certain time. We can also configure it from the mobile device’s own settings without having to resort to this Huawei tool.

We will even avoid a great privacy problem, since if someone in our environment takes our smartphone they can see our without reading just by turning on the screen. And it won’t do much good if we have the phone locked and protected with a pattern, fingerprint, PIN, or password.

Notificaciones en movil Huawei

To hide all the sensitive notifications that we want on our Huawei mobile we will have two options. The first of them will be the simple fact that notifications are not displayed directly on the panel of the phone when it is locked. And as a second alternative, we can hide those sensitive notifications. With this, the notifications will be displayed, but the images and texts will be removed to protect our privacy from anyone or simply because we want to avoid knowing exactly what a certain content puts. Therefore, this notice will only show us that we have new ones.

If our device is updated to Android 11 or Android 10 we will have to follow the following steps to be able to carry out a correct management of the notifications on the lock screen of our smartphone. First you will have to go to Settings> Applications and notifications> Notifications.