How to activate Bluetooth connectivity on your Stadia controllers

Stadia is officially history. The Google service closed on January 18 amid words of sadness from its followers, who had found in its superb technology a different way to enjoy video games anywhere. Whether it was a Smart TV, a computer screen or on the mobile and tablet. And one of the essential elements of the entire system was, without a doubt, its extraordinary gamepad.

Wi-Fi to Bluetooth

activate Bluetooth connectivity on your Stadia controllers

With the closure of the service, a problem arose because the Stadia gamepad does not work like a normal device, understanding that it has Bluetooth and we can pair it to another that is later in charge of managing it. In the case of the Google platform, this control was linked by Wi-Fi to the home network and was later recognized by those from Mountain View who linked it to the game session that we had just started.

Well, before the closure Google published an online tool that allows us to activate the famous Bluetooth in order to use it with a mobile phone, a tablet, a computer, a Smart TV and even the occasional console that makes it easier for an accessory of these features can be used without problems wherever we go.

Today we are not going to give more thought to the matter because it is about explaining what you have to do to transform that Wifi connection into Bluetooth. And it is as simple as following a series of steps through your web browser. Behold.

How to activate the Bluetooth connection

The first thing you should do is go to the link that we leave you at the bottom. There they will offer you two options: change the type of connectivity of the controller or look for updates in the future. We are left with the one on the left so we click on it. Now, Chrome will ask us to plug the gamepad with a USB-C cable to the computer (Windows or Mac does not matter).

Stadia gamepad.

Next , the browser will ask us for permission to recognize the controller that we have connected, giving express permission so that it can touch inside it. Obviously, we accept and say yes in the window that will open.

Stadia gamepad. The next step is to unlock the Stadia Controller, which takes place in three phases. The first is to disconnect it from the computer, the second is to plug it back in while we first press the “…” button and, later, simultaneously pressing the four buttons that indicate us on the right side of the screen that we leave you right here below: ” … + Google assistant + A + Y”

Stadia gamepad.

The next step is to give Chrome permissions to download the update . So we say yes to everything that is requested and we will see how a progress bar appears with the update being copied to our computer.

Stadia gamepad.

Finally, once the update has been downloaded, it is time to install it on the remote so that the connection settings are changed from that moment on. We tell him that yes, that he apply it to the gamepad and we wait for the final confirmation that everything has gone well.

Stadia gamepad.

Now all you have to do is link the controller by pressing the “Stadia + Y” buttons for two seconds to make it visible to other devices, link it later and test that everything has gone as it should.