How the New EMUI 11 Privacy Options Work

Privacy is always at the center of the debate. There are too much data contained in our smartphone, and too many applications involved in its management. For this reason, the permissions granted to them are increasingly limited, either in terms of access or time. But it is also important that options are added that directly involve system applications, as with EMUI 11.

With each new version of Android, Google puts the focus once again on user privacy. The truth is that it is something that some consider a losing battle, no matter how many security measures are taken and it works if they are activated on a mobile. Data leakage is sometimes something that happens in the companies responsible for the software that is on our device, when there is a vulnerability in their security.

More privacy in EMUI 11

However, that is something that is beyond our control, but what we can be aware of is the security options that we can activate to try to close the fence of our privacy a little more. EMUI 11, despite being a layer that is still anchored in Android 10, has been able to take advantage of the available tools to integrate new security options.

huawei galeria emui 11

When sharing photos

One of the two great novelties in the privacy section has to do with the moment of sharing the photos. Photos are known to contain information or traces of private information such as location, which may be preferable not to share. EMUI 11 allows, before sending a photo, to delete potentially sensitive information such as the aforementioned location or information about the device from which the photo was taken.

In Notepad

EMUI Notepad is highly rated by Huawei users. In EMUI 11 it also improves to receive a further plus of privacy and security. These notes can contain sensitive information, so Huawei has decided that the user can block them, to upload them to a kind of digital vault. To proceed with its unlocking, access will be requested through a registered fingerprint, face or password. This means that in case of loss or theft, the information contained in the notes cannot be consulted either.

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In the permissions to the applications

Although we are not in a layer that drinks from Android 11, EMUI 11 has added a privacy option to control permissions in applications. In this way you can choose when you will have access to sensitive elements such as the camera, the microphone or the location data of the phone, either for one time or for all.