How Netflix will prevent you from sharing an account

It’s official. The well-known streaming content platform, Netflix, has announced what the new method of sharing accounts will be like. If to date it was free for us to share our accounts on the platform with other people, such as friends, family, etc. Soon, there will be a new system for which we will have to pay our own subscription to access the content.

It is a measure that we were waiting for this 2023, so it does not come as a surprise. In recent months, the platform has been testing different techniques so that people could not freely share their accounts with other users. So, soon, this is what it will be like to share your Netflix account.

How Netflix will prevent you from sharing an account

Goodbye to sharing an account on Netflix

The streaming content platform has updated the legal conditions for sharing an account with other people. In a very short time, it will only be possible to share it with those people who live with the account holder, that is, the account will only be accessible from a single household .

On its website, it makes it very clear who can use your Netflix account: “ Anyone in your household (those who live with you in your main location) can use your Netflix account. To make sure your devices are associated with your primary location, connect to your primary location’s Wi-Fi, open the Netflix website or app, and play something at least once every 31 days .”

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To be able to identify if the devices belong to that single household, the platform will use the IP addresses , in addition to the identifiers of the devices and the activity of the account. This way, they will be able to quickly determine if a device from which that account is being accessed is part of the primary location or not.

Pay to share account?

Everybody thought that it would be like that, but, for the moment, it does not seem that he is going to follow this strategy in Spain. Just as the platform had been testing in other countries. In this way, there was the possibility of paying an additional cost to add more users and thus share Netflix.

However, in the new conditions that have been updated, there is no reference to this. Therefore, it lets us see that this possibility has been completely ruled out . In fact, they make it very clear to us on their website: « People who do not live with you will have to use their own account to watch Netflix . We may block Netflix from being viewed on devices that are not part of your primary location .”

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In addition, they warn us that if they discover that you share an account with someone who does not live with you, Netflix will not automatically be charged . In the event that we go on a trip or connect from a different location, we can continue to see the content of the platform. To do this, we will have to request a temporary access code to continue accessing Netflix content.

There is no set date yet . But, it is clear that it will begin to be applied in 2023. In addition, it is unknown if Netflix will finally give us the option to pay more to share an account with other people.