How much you can save if you change your old appliances

It’s evident that different devices have different energy consumption levels. While an oven and a computer don’t consume the same amount of energy, there can also be significant differences in consumption within the same type of appliance. Therefore, this article will explore how much you could save on your electricity bill by upgrading to newer, more energy-efficient appliances. This is especially relevant for appliances that consume a lot of energy, as they can make up a significant portion of your bill.

How much do you save by changing old appliances?

change old appliances

The amount of savings you can achieve by changing your older appliances will vary based on several factors. It’s important to note that different devices have varying levels of energy consumption, even among devices of the same type. The savings will be more significant if you replace an older model appliance that is more than 5-7 years old, compared to a relatively new model.

Let’s take the example of a refrigerator. An old model from 30 years ago could consume 60-80 kWh per month, whereas a modern energy-efficient model (rated A) will consume only 15-20 kWh per month. This means you could potentially save between €6.75 and €9 per month, depending on the electricity rate you’re on.

Similarly, a television’s energy consumption will depend on the size of the screen and its age. For instance, an old TV from a few years ago could consume over 300 W, whereas a current A energy-rated model would consume less than 100 W. By upgrading to a more energy-efficient model, you could save around 200 W, depending on your usage.

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There are several factors that determine how much you can save on your electricity bill by replacing older appliances. The amount saved depends on the type of device, the age of the device being replaced, and the energy efficiency of the new device.

For instance, a modern refrigerator with an energy class A label can consume up to four times less energy than a refrigerator that is over 30 years old. This means you could save between €6.75 and €9 per month depending on your electricity rate. Similarly, by replacing an old TV with a modern, more energy-efficient model, you could save around 30 kWh per month, or approximately €4.50.

An air conditioner is another appliance where you can see significant savings. Modern air conditioners consume up to 50% less energy than older models, which could translate to a saving of €18 per month if used for four hours a day.

Other appliances such as dryers, dishwashers, ovens, and computers can also have big differences in energy consumption between older and newer models. By replacing these appliances, you can save money on your electricity bill each month. If you have very old appliances, the difference in savings can be even more substantial. By replacing just a few appliances, you could save over €30 per month.