How I take care of the mobile camera so that the photos are always incredible

I have long since learned that putting my finger in front of the camera when taking photos is not a good idea for obvious reasons and I have also searched for new ways to improve my photography to achieve spectacular results. This is something that is appreciated when it comes to capturing memories, good times or immortalizing certain occasions.

Depending on the mobile you have and what you dedicate to the photos, you can obtain spectacular results, but above all you will have to take care of your camera to make the most of its potential and so that there are no problems with the camera that affect the photos or your mobile. I am going to tell you how I take care of it so that my videos and photographs are perfect.

How I take care of the mobile camera

I avoid putting my fingers

I have already said before that this was a very common error, especially caused by carelessness or by not paying close attention to the image that I see on the screen. Now I know that the best way to make my photos look better is to not put your fingers on the camera . Even if I’m in front of it right when I take the photo, these can smear the camera and make the images look much worse . I no longer tell you if, as it happened to me, you end up seeing your fingers or some red shadow or another color in your photos, which is a shame when they can’t be repeated.

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Therefore, this is an essential guideline to take your photos. Take a good look at how you do them, and if you can’t get what you’re looking for, use a tripod or an accessory that will help you get really good photos.

I care about its cleanliness

The key to taking care of the mobile camera is to clean it correctly. Only in this way will it always look impeccable, without being damaged, and this is very noticeable when it does its job. If you also want to do it, when it needs a good cleaning and with some regularity, dedicate time to this task.

First remove the cover and then use a microfiber cloth to clean it. You will be able to drag the dirt without traces or marks, although the best liquid to accompany it for this will be a special solution for screens or glass .

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Then, you have to remove remains with a cotton swab very carefully, ending with a very clean microfiber cloth and with small circles. Spend time and do it carefully so as not to damage the glass and that it is perfect. Do not use soaps or detergents or anything corrosive or that could affect the camera of your mobile, and check carefully what you clean it with and what state it is in.

Since we will not always be able to pamper the camera so much, for other occasions, we can simply rely on a cotton T-shirt, which will be enough in most cases to remove fingerprints or specks of dust.

Good case and tempered glass

It may seem like a no-brainer, but a good case designed conscientiously for your mobile and, therefore, that fits it, will be the best to take care of the camera in case of possible falls. It is the best idea for the smartphone to last a long time in your hands without having to go to the workshop, to correct damage to the lenses.

Do not hesitate to spend time choosing the perfect cover, and if you are not convinced or you see that the results are not perfect, you can remove it when you need it to take photos or videos until you find a better one, since some can bother you when you capture light and that will make us spoil the photographs.

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There are tempered glass that protects the entire screen, including the front camera . There are also covers for the rear lenses of the mobile and protectors, it does not hurt that you take them into account on your phone. If this protective glass breaks, carefully remove it, check that nothing has been damaged and replace it. This will free you from having to make a large outlay, since a broken lens can cost more than 100 euros.