How I managed to geolocate my car in real time with a mobile

If you have an old mobile phone that you no longer use, instead of leaving it forgotten in a drawer, you can turn it into a GPS locator for your car . This can be useful if you want to monitor the location of your car in real time, either for security reasons or to get a better idea of the movements of your vehicles.

One of the biggest fears people have is someone stealing their car. Luckily, smartphones have given us the possibility of finding the location of a vehicle through another smartphone and in this publication we are going to show you how to do it.

geolocate my car in real time with a mobile

Do not lose your car at any time

Before delving into the tutorial on how to locate your car via GPS with your mobile , it is important to take into account certain aspects of great interest. The first thing is that you will need an active SIM card with mobile data, since a fundamental requirement to take advantage of this method is to have an Internet connection. So, if you only have one, it is essential to get a new one at a reasonable price.

móvil en el coche en verano

On the other hand, the simple fact of using your smartphone to know the location of your car implies that it is necessary to hide it . Otherwise, if someone steals our vehicle, they could identify the device and turn it off to avoid inconvenience, so these are some places where you can hide them:

  • Inside the glove box.
  • Under the seat.
  • In the compartments behind the front seats.
  • In a bag in the trunk.

Find your car with the mobile GPS

First of all, you need to download a GPS tracking app on your old mobile phone. There are many apps available on the iOS and Android app stores, some of which are free while others come at a cost. However, the most popular is Google’s Find My Device , which you can find for free. Download the app on your old mobile phone and follow the instructions to install it:

encontrar dispositivo

  1. Turn on GPS and data connection – Make sure GPS and data connection are turned on on your old device. To do this, go to settings and look for options to enable GPS as well as data connection. You can also swipe down from the top of the terminal to access the control panel and enable features from here.
  2. Put your phone in the car : Once you have downloaded the GPS tracking application and activated geopositioning along with the data connection on your old smartphone, place it in the car in a safe and accessible place. You can put it in the glove box, center storage compartment or any other place that is convenient and safe, like the ones we mentioned above.
  3. Access the application : open the corresponding app on your mobile and log in with your credentials. The previously registered old device will appear and you just have to tap on it to instantly find its location and, therefore, that of your car.