How I discovered who was stealing my WiFi with my Android mobile

Surely on some occasion you have noticed that the WiFi in your home is slow . In this kind of situation we tend to think that it is simply the router’s fault and that a reboot is enough, but maybe there is someone who has gained access to your network, monopolizing part of the connection. Luckily, there are tools available on your Android mobile to check it.

There is a possibility that someone has managed to obtain the password through any means, such as a defect in the device itself. Regardless of the reason, knowing if there is a person connected to your WiFi is as simple as downloading a simple application and here we are going to show you the best ones for it.

How I discovered who was stealing my WiFi

The best way to know if someone steals your WiFi

Third-party apps bring endless possibilities to your Android phone, and installing them is as easy as going to the Google Play Store. Also, the ones we have selected for this post are completely free , so you just have to download and install them on your device.


One of the favorite options among users is Fing due to not only its easy operation , but also a series of helpful advanced settings. Its main asset is that it shows an enormous amount of information to the owner: connected devices, local IP, model…


However, the possibilities of Fing go further, since it can also be used to carry out an Internet speed test or other analysis. Finding out who is stealing your WiFi is as simple as selecting our network and clicking on “Search for devices” and then a list will appear with all the connected ones.

Network Analyzer

Another quite popular alternative is called Newtork Analyzer which, as its name indicates, its purpose is to analyze your connection . The main objective is to see the devices that are connected to our WiFi, as well as the IP address, the name of the device next to the model and the MAC addresses, among others…

Network Analyzer

An interesting aspect of Network Analyzer is that it allows you to analyze your WiFi network to find out if your connection is completely secure or has some incompatibility. Furthermore, its interface is quite visual so that everyone can use the app without complications.

Network Scanner & Tools

The latest of the many apps on the Google Play Store to find out your WiFi thief is Network Scanner & Tools. An app that allows you to carry out different types of scans on your network , highlighting the intrusion detector above the rest to see who has gained access to your connection without permission.

Network scanner

Although it is true that it has become somewhat outdated compared to the previous ones, especially in terms of its design. However, it presents a wide variety of tools, such as a WiFi scan to get important information about security protocols and IP addresses. The drawback is that it does not show the model of the device connected to your network in case you want to know more details about the intruder.