How can we search faster with Safari

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To enhance your web browsing experience with the Safari browser and save time, there are a few options available to optimize search speed. By adjusting some simple parameters, you can not only streamline your workflow, but also allow the browser to learn from your browsing habits over time.

The iPhone will learn from us

To begin speeding up the content search process, we need to navigate to “Settings” and then select “Safari.” Within the Safari settings, we will see different categories, but we need to focus on the “Search” section. By adjusting these parameters, we can optimize the search speed in Safari and ultimately save time.

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To optimize the search speed in Safari and save time, there are several options available. Firstly, we can activate the Search Engine Suggestions option, which displays a list of suggestions as we type in the search bar, allowing us to access the results immediately without having to enter the full text. This feature adapts to our search habits and changes the suggestions accordingly.

The second option is Quick Web Search, which learns from our browsing habits and enables us to search within a website’s search box and load the results directly within the web page. For example, if we are on the Apple website and want to search for Apple Care+, we can simply type “apple apple care+” in the Safari search bar to go directly to the Apple Care+ section on the website.

The third option is Preload Best Result, which preloads the complete domain when we enter a web address in the Safari search bar without entering the domain name. This feature saves time by directing us straight to the webpage without the need to enter the full domain or wait for the result to appear on Google. This function is executed automatically and does not require us to save browsing or history data.

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