How a Logic Bomb Attack Works and How to Protect Ourselves

When using devices, connecting to the network, using platforms or installing programs, we can find many threats. There are many types of malware that in one way or another can put our security at risk and affect the proper functioning of computers. Let’s see what a logic bomb attack consists of. It is a type of malware that could seriously affect us and is part of the range of possibilities that cybercriminals have.

Logic bomb attacks

We can say that a logic bomb malware is based on inserting malicious code into a program and remains hidden there until the time comes and it is executed. In this case, the hacker programs a series of actions that this malware will perform once certain conditions are met.

Logic Bomb Attack

It is a very dangerous type of attack, since the victim installs this software without showing any signs that something is wrong. Unlike many other varieties of malware, the effect is not immediate . We are not going to notice that the computer malfunctions, that it shuts down, no additional installed programs appear or anything strange.

We can name many types of malware that nothing more than download affects its proper functioning. But in this case things change. With a malicious logic bomb software we won’t notice anything until the time comes and it “explodes.”

Undoubtedly this that we mentioned is a significant disadvantage for the victim. You will not immediately know that your computer has been infected, so you will not take quick action to try to mitigate the problem either.

This type of threat is also known as a time bomb . This is so because the cybercriminal can schedule an exact date for it to run. But generally something common in this type of malware is that it is executed when the user, the victim in short, performs an action. For example, when opening the browser, when installing a specific program, opening a file … Malware can be designed to act at that moment.

Malware de bomba lógica

How logic bomb malware can affect

It should be noted that logic bomb malware can affect us in very different ways . Everything will depend on the malicious code that the hacker has introduced and the target that the hacker is really looking for with this attack. However, the privacy of the victim is something that will always be at stake.

Delete files

A logic bomb attack can be designed to erase files from the system. A cybercriminal could have created this malicious software with the sole objective that when a program is opened, when using some function of the computer, the malware is executed and deletes files.

It can happen that the objective is simply to eliminate a type of file, certain folders, but also to completely empty a memory or hard disk. This is logically a major problem that could affect vital information for a business.

Steal information

Information is precisely another objective they may have. Malware of this type may have been designed to collect data , steal personal or company information. It can be to sell to third parties, to extort money and threaten to offer it to the competition, etc.

Keep in mind that today our information has great value on the Internet. we can be victims of spam campaigns, for example. Hence, we must always keep our personal data safe.

Prevent access to programs or services

Another issue to take into account is that it could prevent access to certain installed applications or services that we use. It can block the connection, prevent us from logging in, or make it difficult for that program to work in any way.

For example, they could design a malware of this type so that it runs in a certain company and that workers cannot access management applications, accounting or any tool that is essential for everything to go well.

Use our accounts

But something very important is the misuse of our accounts . A logic bomb malware could be designed to send an email on our behalf, for example. You would use our team to run spam campaigns or even compromise the safety of other users.

Consume system resources

It could also be designed to consume system resources and squeeze the most out of hardware. This could lead to a significant loss of performance, crashes, system outages, etc. They could use this to mine cryptocurrencies, for example. Also to misuse the equipment and once again send files on our behalf.

How to protect ourselves from this threat

We have seen what a logic bomb attack is and how it could affect us. It is something that we must avoid at all costs and adequately protect ourselves. For this reason, we are going to give a series of important tips to protect our computers and avoid being victims of these types of threats, as well as other similar ones that may affect us.

Use security programs

Something fundamental to protect ourselves from any cyber problem is to always use security tools . Having a good antivirus can help us prevent the entry of threats. It is something that we must apply no matter what type of operating system we use. There are many free and paid options.

But we are not only talking about antivirus, since we can also install firewall, antispyware or even extensions for the browser. All of this can help us keep equipment protected and avoid problems of this kind.

Proteger la seguridad del router

Keep equipment up-to-date

Without a doubt, another very important factor is keeping the equipment updated . On many occasions, hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities in systems. These bugs allow the entry of malware, such as logic bombs.

We must always keep all the patches and updates that are available. This way we will correct those errors and prevent them from being exploited by third parties to put our security and privacy at risk.

Always download from trusted sources

It is always advisable to download from reliable sources and also official software. It is true that sometimes we can find alternatives, with other varieties of software that can offer different functions and characteristics. However, we could run into problems. Hence, it is highly advisable to download only from safe and reliable sites.

Common sense

Do not forget common sense . Hackers in most cases will require the interaction of the victim. For example, download an attachment that comes to us by mail, install some type of software or enter a web page.

At all times we must avoid making mistakes of this type that may affect us. It is essential to preserve security and not expose our data more than necessary. This will be essential to reduce risk.

Ultimately, a logic bomb attack is a very important problem that we must avoid. We have explained some tips to be protected at all times and reduce the risk of being attacked by this method.