Honor 10 Lite Screen Problems: How to Fix It

The Honor 10 Lite is a mid-range terminal that saw the light in November 2018. The terminal still maintains a technical performance at height, with its 6.21-inch FullHD + screen with 1,080 x 2,340 pixels, a double rear camera and selfie sensor 24 megapixels In addition, it has the Kirin 710 chip and options up to 6 GB of RAM. However, as usual, this terminal is not without problems.

It is almost impossible to find a mobile that has not suffered from any other problem. Luckily, specialized forums and portals such as MovilZona come out to try to provide solutions to these problems. In the case of Honor 10 Lite, some problems have been reported with its screen, which can be solved in most cases.

Why the screen flickers

Some users have reported flickering on the screen of their Honor 10 Lite , which may have greater or lesser intensity and that may be more or less prolonged depending on the case. In most cases it is due to a software problem, so we will have to try several possible solutions to make the problem go away.



Update the software

The first thing is to check which terminal has the latest software version available for the system. This is the first step we must always take before looking for other solutions. Many users of the Honor 10 Lite have fixed the problem with the screen , as Honor has introduced several patches that fix compatibility issues and malfunctions throughout the history of the device.

actualizar sistema honor

To do this we will have to check the notification bar to make sure we don’t have any pending updates. We must also go to System Settings / Updates and check the own.

Partial reset

As we say, the software is usually responsible for this screen problem in the Honor 10. To do this we can perform a partial reset, which will allow you to download the system cache and avoid conflict with files that may have been corrupted. In this case we will have to press the power button for 45 seconds . We wait while the device restarts and once turned on we must check if the problem has disappeared.

Enter Safe Mode

It is very likely that some downloaded app is causing the problem. To find the guilty software we will have to restart the mobile in Safe Mode. In this way we will prevent this app from loading into the system and generate the error. For this we leave the power button pressed for a few seconds and release when we see the Honor logo appear. Then we press and hold the volume down key and keep it pressed until the terminal restarts completely.

reiniciar modo seguro

Once restarted we should see the “Safe Mode” at the bottom of the screen. If the problem does not appear when we are in this mode, it means that some app is causing the error. To do this we will have to uninstall the installed applications in order from newer to older and check if the flickering disappears.

Clear cache

In many cases it is the data stored in the phone cache that can get corrupted and cause the error. This will cause certain problems in the terminal including the annoying flashing. To clear the cache we will have to turn off the phone. Then press and hold the volume up button on our Honor 10 Lite next to the power button for a few seconds.

recovery Huawei

The phone will enter Recovey Mode and with the volume up and down buttons we will move to “wipe the cache partition” and use the power key to confirm. The mobile will restart and when the system starts the problem should have disappeared.

Factory settings

The moment that nobody wants but which is usually the definitive solution is to restore the device to factory settings. This is a more cumbersome method since it will erase all the system data. To do this we go back to Recovery Mode and this time we select the option “wipe cache / factory reset” and press the power button to confirm. When the phone turns on again, we must verify that the problem has disappeared, before reinstalling any application.

Still not working well

If all of the above fails, it means that we are facing a hardware problem and that we can do little more than go to a technical service to review the problem with the screen of our Honor 10 Lite.