How to configure the children’s space for children on OPPO mobiles

All of us at some point have had to leave our cell phone to the little ones in the house, something we can do with serious doubts. Without bad intention, children can enter the application that they should not, regardless of age and thus look for a serious problem.

That is why OPPO, aware of this problem, offers us a quick, simple and very useful solution so that lending the mobile phone to children is not making a mistake. A function that has been present in OPPO terminals since ColorOS 3, when instead of being called children mode it was identified as Kids Space, although it already offered many of the advantages that we currently have. A function present in the entry-level, mid-range and of course in the top of the market.

configure the children's space for children on OPPO mobiles

Guide to use kids mode in OPPO

The process that we must follow to start the children mode in ColorOS starts as many times in the settings section. The OPPO developers have worked to make its customization layer one of the most complete and have achieved that it lacks practically nothing. When we have to lend a mobile phone to a child, we will only have to follow this process:

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  • We enter the system settings.
  • We slide down to the device called Privacy.
  • Finally we access the Children’s area.

In this way we will be able to access the mode that offers us greater security as the owners of the mobile phone. The only thing we have to do to finish entering is accept and configure the permissions that it requests.

Then we will come across a complete panel of options that we are going to explain below, although you should know that after that, you will have to touch the bottom button where you can ” Enter Children’s Area “. With this we will see a complete design change on the home screen on our mobile.

How to configure it?

For the kids mode to work the way we want it, we have to give it a touch of personality. Not all children have the same needs and therefore the system allows us to modify it to our liking to get everything we need, depending on the child, but also on the time and place where we are.

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Once we have accepted the terms we mentioned above, we will have access to a variety of options. Among the possible that will appear to us are the following possibilities that we are going to reel with its possibilities:

  • Maximum duration of the session: here we can set the maximum time that the children mode will be in operation. A way to limit the time that the child can be using our mobile , but once finished it will not automatically go to normal mode, but we will need to confirm on our part that we are the adult. We will be able to configure this from a minimum of 15 minutes, to a maximum without time limit, going through 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours.
  • Allowed applications: in this menu what we will be able to do is choose the applications to which you will have access from the children mode. Most commonly, we only allow you access to games, but nevertheless, we may allow other applications to take photos, record videos or YouTube Kids to view content for their age.
  • Deactivate the mobile network: a basic option that it offers us is to temporarily deactivate the connection to mobile data once the mobile enters the children mode. In this way we make sure that under no mistake, the terminal will consume all our phone data because the little one in the house is playing games that require a wide connection.

What do we get with this mode?

Above all, peace of mind so that children cannot enter applications that should be prohibited for them, something practical and very important. But nevertheless it also offers us other protections that in our eyes can go unnoticed.

Among these advantages is the blocking of purchases, so that even if we have our credit or debit card configured as the main payment method in Google Play, it cannot be used without our consent. There are more and more games that integrate purchases within the app, so this measure offers us the advantage of being able to continue with our day to day without fear that the child is going to get us in a big mess.

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Another important thing to keep in mind is that with the children’s area running, the system settings could not be accessed. This in turn prevents the ability to uninstall applications, games and make relevant changes to the system such as installing apps or downloading files that can be potentially dangerous for the terminal. An option that seeks the total safety of the child, the adult and the OPPO smartphone in question where they are launched.

With the time limitation OPPO also tries to cope with childish additions. A help that can be useful to the little ones, but also to the older ones, since it is not easy to set limits to fun and entertainment.

Going out is not easy for children

Since this mode prevents many limitations for the smallest ones, OPPO has also been in charge of protecting the options to exit this option. At the bottom of the children’s mode screen, we will have a simple button from which to have all the applications at our fingertips. However, as you can imagine, it will not be so easy for children, since it is necessary to confirm our fingerprint or security pattern to complete the process.

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This same security measure will be the one that will come into operation once the time that we have chosen as the maximum use for children has passed. Protection measures that try to give us all control over the smartphone, leaving nothing to chance and making technology more secure, without this having to be complex or unattainable for those who do not master technology. A series of options that more and more brands are implementing, although OPPO was one of the pioneers.