Highlighted features in Android Auto 9.9

Earlier this week, Android Auto received an update to version 9.9, primarily aimed at bug fixes, but also introducing new features for making calls and using Google Maps. Notably, this update also includes enhancements specific to electric cars, making it particularly relevant for electric vehicle owners.

As the update gradually rolls out to more users, additional features are being discovered. One such feature is the ability for the application to recognize the connected car as an electric vehicle, providing owners with relevant information and assistance. While electric vehicles may not yet be widely adopted, the integration of electric car-related features within Android Auto demonstrates a proactive approach towards accommodating the growing electric vehicle community.

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Find charging points with Android Auto

The user experience for electric vehicle owners is set to improve with the introduction of Android Auto version 9.9. This update includes the exciting capability of selecting the specific type of charging connector used by their vehicle. This information will be utilized to identify compatible charging stations in the vicinity.

This new feature, accessible through the EV Settings (electric vehicle settings) option on the car’s screen, allows users to specify their charging plug type. Options include CCS Combo 1 and 2, 1772, Type 2, or CHAdeMO. While some connector types may not yet be included, this functionality is expected to be continually updated to incorporate additional connectors available in specific countries.

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Although the integration may not be seamless at present, the Android Auto update offers a glimpse into future enhancements. When a vehicle is identified as electric, Google Maps will replace the search for gas stations with a search for charging points. This convenient feature assists electric vehicle owners in easily locating nearby charging stations, avoiding unnecessary detours.

By selecting the specific connector type, the Google Maps app will automatically filter charging stations, presenting only those equipped with compatible chargers. As this Android Auto feature continues to reach more users, we anticipate further improvements over time, ensuring an exceptional experience for electric vehicle owners.

Other new features in version 9.9

Alongside the electric vehicle-related features, the Android Auto update introduces other noteworthy enhancements. Firstly, there is improved accessibility for calls made through Google Assistant. The car screen will display a window with suggestions for the most frequently contacted individuals, facilitating quick and convenient calling.

Android auto new function driving experience

Additionally, there is a new development regarding the usage of Google Maps in conjunction with a mobile device. Previously, it was not possible to use the Google Maps app on your smartphone while Android Auto was active on the car screen. However, this limitation has been addressed, allowing users to utilize Google Maps on their mobile device if they find it more comfortable or preferable to do so. This offers greater flexibility in navigation options while utilizing Android Auto.