HDR on Movistar: how to activate it and what content is compatible

The High Dynamic Range (or HDR as it is commonly known) is a revolutionary technology that improves the image quality on our Smart TVs tremendously, as long as the content and the television are compatible. When we get used to seeing content with this technology activated, it is very difficult to go back, and luckily we have more and more available to see with it. If you have Movistar’s UHD desco you can activate this technology to enjoy it, and we’ll tell you how to do it.

In a nutshell, what HDR does is increase the difference or contrast between the brightest and darkest colors. This gives the viewer an even greater sense of realism, thanks above all to a greater number of colors on the screen.

HDR on Movistar: how to activate it

Turn HDR on or off on your UHD deck

Before getting into the matter, we must have two considerations about which we have already given you clues a little above. The first one is that in order to enjoy Movistar content with HDR we will need to have the UHD deck .

The second is just as important, and that is that our Smart TV must be compatible with this technology . All current models are mostly compatible with HDR, but if you have an older model you may not be able to enjoy HDR content on it. If you don’t know if your TV is compatible, trying to activate HDR is a good way to find out, since if it’s not compatible we won’t be able to change the option.

Activating (or deactivating) HDR is actually a very simple process. To do this, we will only have to follow the following steps :

  • Go to Menu – Settings
    • It is the icon of a cogwheel
  • Tap CONF. HDR
  • Select ON/OFF
Desco UHD Movistar

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How to identify HDR content?

Once HDR is activated on our disk, all that remains is to select what we want to see. Keep in mind that not all the content that Movistar has (or any other streaming platform) is available to be enjoyed with HDR. Therefore, it is important that we know how to identify what content is , both in terms of movies and series, since it is a little different in both cases.

The simplest case to verify we are going to find it with the cinema. To see if a movie can be seen with HDR we have two options to verify it, and luckily in both it is quite clear. If we put the focus on one of them we will see how the cover will appear and just to its right side the synopsis of the film. On top of this we can see, as in the following image, that there is the yellow HDR logo , so in this case we could enjoy it with it. If we click on the film and access the complete file, we can also see if the logo is there or not.

HDR in a movie (Movistar)

In the case of the series, we will have to put ourselves right above each chapter so that the synopsis appears and, if it is compatible, the HDR logo. For any content that we are going to see, there is also the possibility to see if it is compatible while playing. We will see this when the option to pause the image appears on the screen, with the logo in the upper left next to the age rating .