HBO Max or Amazon Prime: Which is the better alternative to Netflix?

Over the years, we have witnessed continuous Netflix price hikes . However, that has not been the worst. The main problem, due to which many users have unsubscribed from the platform, has been the restriction on sharing accounts with other people who do not live in the same household. Or well, not quite, since now to share you have to pay 5.99 euros per extra person.

For this reason, it is not bad to remember the alternatives to Netflix that we have in Spain to watch streaming content, such as HBO Max or Prime Video. Two options widely used by users in our country. But, here the big question arises: which is more worth it? So that you can clear up doubts, we see its main characteristics and its prices.

HBO Max or Amazon Prime

Why choose HBO Max

We start with HBO Max, Warner’s option, which includes us for 8.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros per year , a large catalog with original content and great series and movies from other studios. The platform even launched a 500% offer on its monthly plan to enjoy HBO Max for life for 4.49 euros per month.

In any case, the price that we can pay for this option is much lower than the Premium or Standard Netflix plans. And not only this, but we will have a maximum resolution of 4K at all times. That is, if the title is in that quality, we will see it in that quality, although the Internet connection will also influence. In addition, it allows you to share an account and play content simultaneously on up to 3 screens .


Therefore, if there are several of us, for example, three people , HBO Max costs 23.33 euros per year for each user. Almost the same as the Netflix Premium rate (17.99 euros per month). Within this platform, we will have original titles such as ‘ The Last of Us ‘, ‘The House of the Dragon’, ‘Succession’, etc. In addition to the latest from DC and Warner Bros.

The good thing about Prime Video

In this case, the good thing about Prime Video is that we will have an Amazon Prime subscription. So not only will we have access to hundreds of movies and series, as we will have the opportunity to see their original titles such as ‘The Man in the High Castle’, ‘The Grand Tour’, but we will also enjoy fast shipments of the online store. Among other services such as Amazon Photos, Prime Reading…

In addition, its price is another determining factor. More than anything, because we will pay much less than Netflix, and we will have many more services at our disposal. The price of your subscription is 4.99 euros per month or 49.90 per year . And if you are a student you can have a fee of 2.49 euros per month or 24.95 euros per year.

amazon prime video

If we delve into the features of Prime Video, we can see how we have the possibility of sharing an account, a maximum resolution of 4K/HD (it will depend on the title and our Internet connection) and, finally, within this platform we find the possibility of having simultaneous playback on up to 3 different devices , that is, three screens at the same time.

Which is better?

Here it will depend on the tastes of each user. That is, of the movies and series that we want to see. More than anything, because on both streaming platforms we will have different titles at our disposal, in addition to the original movies and series of each platform. For price and extra services, Prime Video wins. Although, as original titles, it can be said that HBO Max has a point in its favor , although in recent months it has earned a lot of criticism for the withdrawal of series, cancellation of projects, etc.

However, the positive side of Prime Video is that we can buy or rent movies, that is, we also have the option of online video store . Regarding device compatibility, in both cases we will not have problems, since it is rare to find a device that cannot access these platforms. In any case, here it is best to try both and decide , since, at any time, we can pay only one month and change the platform according to the content that is released in its catalog.