Have you bought PLC to improve Wi-Fi? Follow these tips

In order to improve the performance of wireless networks we can take into account certain tips. For example, we can find a better location for the router, we can choose the appropriate band or avoid obstacles. But sometimes that is not enough and we have to use other devices to help us. In this article we are going to talk about PLCs , how they improve the Wi-Fi connection and what to do to use them correctly.

How to use PLC devices well

PLC to improve Wi-Fi

If you’ve recently bought some PLC devices to improve your home Wi-Fi, you may be wondering if you have to do something to make them work well. The truth is that there are some details that should be reviewed to avoid cuts and that the speed of the network is not good. We can connect to these devices both by Ethernet cable as well as by Wi-Fi and failures can appear in both cases.

Do not use strips

The first tip to increase the speed of PLCs is to connect them directly to electricity . We should not use power strips where we connect other appliances, as this could subtract power and cause it to malfunction. It is surely the most important circumstance that can cause errors.

It is true that with so many devices sometimes we do not have more plugs and we have to pull these devices. They work well, they allow us to connect chargers, computers, external hard drives or any similar equipment. But of course, when it comes to connecting PLCs, which are going to use the wiring to carry the connection from one place to another, things change and it is better to avoid it.

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Avoid having other devices next to you

Interference from other devices can also influence the operation of PLCs. Whenever possible, avoid having any electronic gadgets. The more isolated the PLCs, the better to avoid complications that affect performance.

By this we do not mean only that they are physically close, but also connected to electricity. It is something similar to what we mentioned about the strips. If for example we have two plugs that are next to each other, whenever we can it is better to avoid connecting another device to that second connector.

Not believing that the distance is infinite

Although it is true that PLC devices can cover a large area, do not think that the distance can be excessively great and it will work just the same. The greater the distance, the more problems we can have, with speed and quality limitations.

We must control this point and not connect the devices too far. Also, the distance can be shortened if the wiring is old or in poor condition. This could affect that distance a lot and get to have problems whether we are going to connect by Ethernet cable to the PLC, or if we are going to use the Wi-Fi option.

In short, these are some of the main points that must be taken into account when we are going to use PLC devices. The goal is to maintain the best possible speed and reduce connection problems, which can lead to widespread outages and failures.