How to have more Internet speed in Windows and without cuts

Having a good Internet connection is essential today. It is important to be able to surf the net, download files, use the cloud, watch quality Streaming content without cuts… However, sometimes complications can arise that affect the quality of the connection. In this article we are going to give a series of important tips to make the Internet go faster in Windows and avoid any problem that may appear.

Prepare Windows to have a good connection

have more Internet speed in Windows and without cuts

In order to have the best possible Internet connection in Windows, the first thing you should do is precisely prepare the system to achieve it. This is essential to optimize the available resources and thus achieve the best speed and quality, without appearing cuts or problems.

Update system and drivers

Something essential is to always have the latest versions installed. This must be applied both in the operating system itself and in the network adapters that you are going to use, both wireless and Ethernet. This will allow you to fix certain vulnerabilities that may appear and improve performance.

To update Windows you have to go to Start, enter Settings and click on Windows Update . There you will see possible new versions available. You have to make sure to install everything there is and in this way have the latest news. This will help prevent connection problems and troubleshooting.

Actualizar Windows 11

Regarding the network adapter, you also have to go to Start, enter Device Manager, Network adapters and select the corresponding card there. You have to right-click and hit Update driver . Once this is done, reboot the system for the changes to take effect.

Actualizar tarjeta en Windows 11

Always keep safe

Another very important point to improve Internet speed in Windows is to always keep security in mind. To do this, you must use a good antivirus , such as Windows Defender or any other guaranteed alternative. This will allow detection of malware entry and removal as soon as possible.

But staying safe is also avoiding making mistakes. For example, avoid downloading attachments that arrive by mail and that could be a threat, install applications that are not safe or fall into the trap of hackers by sending fraudulent links. If you avoid all this, you will have a clean system ready to be able to surf the net with good speed.

Avoid programs that interfere

You should also avoid apps that can be a drag on the connection. For example, you should not load the browser with too many extensions. Although they are very useful, they are used to organize tabs, manage downloads or save bookmarks, abusing these add-ons can cause problems for browsing speed.

Other programs that can interfere with the connection and create problems are firewalls or VPNs. Although they are useful to protect the network in certain circumstances, you should always make sure that they are well configured and guaranteed. Otherwise you could have connection problems.

Reduce hidden consumption or other appliances

Two factors come into play here: on the one hand, the hidden consumption that the Windows system itself or some applications may have and, on the other hand, devices that are connected to the network and that can also exhaust connection resources. Both things you must control if you want the best connection for Windows.

You must bear in mind that any application that connects to the network will consume resources. For example, a program that makes backup copies in the cloud or the automatic updates themselves. If you have a limited connection, you should check this that we mentioned and avoid problems.

Something similar happens with any other device you have connected to the same network. Bandwidth can be limited and if you need maximum speed on your Windows computer, it’s not a good idea to have other computers downloading or streaming videos at the same time.

use good programs

On the other hand, you can also prepare Windows correctly by using only reliable programs . Here we must especially mention the browser, since it is a key piece to access web pages or connect to any of the many online services that exist.

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are two browsers that work very well. However, whatever application you are going to install, be it a browser or any other program, you should always download them from official and safe sites. For example, you can go to its official page, as well as use secure stores such as the Microsoft Store.

Recommendations to improve the Wi-Fi network

Nowadays it is very common to navigate wirelessly and that is where most problems appear. Therefore, if you want to improve the Internet speed in Windows, you should also focus on the Wi-Fi network. We are going to give a series of interesting recommendations that you can put into practice.

Correctly locate the router

Something basic is to place the router in a good place . It is the fundamental piece that is going to offer you a wireless connection and the place where it is can be fundamental. Ideally, it should be in a central area of the house, from where it can distribute the signal well to all parts. You should also place it in an elevated location and avoid walls and walls that can block the signal.

In addition, it is important that it is in a place away from other devices. For example, it is not a good idea to put it near electrical appliances, televisions, etc. All this can affect the signal and cause a decrease in quality. Therefore, you must place it in an area isolated from other devices and from where you can take advantage of the signal.

Use a network card with good capacity

The Wi-Fi adapter you use will also be essential to have better or worse quality and speed. If you find that you need more Internet speed in Windows and you connect wirelessly, try using a different network card, one that has more capacity and allows you to connect with better coverage.

Here it is going to be essential that you have an adequate range. Sometimes the internal cards are more limited and once you move away from the router a little the coverage starts to drop quickly. You can try an external network card that has a good antenna to improve the signal quality.

Install some device to have more coverage

You can always count on some external device to improve the wireless signal. For example, you can install a Wi-Fi repeater, Mesh system or PLC devices to take the signal from one place to another in the house and have better Internet in Windows if you connect via Wi-Fi.

It is common for there to be dead zones, which is what is known as a location in the home where the Wi-Fi signal does not reach or is so limited that connection problems appear in Windows. Thanks to this type of device you will be able to improve the quality and be able to connect without so many problems.

Use the correct Wi-Fi band

The Wi-Fi band you use will also be decisive to have better Internet speed wirelessly. You can use both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz . Each of them has its positive and negative points, so choosing well which one to use will help you optimize the signal.

Diferencias entre 2.4 y 5 GHz

The 2.4 GHz one is ideal when you connect very far from the router. It is the least sensitive to distance and possible obstacles, so it offers greater stability. On the other hand, you will not achieve the maximum speed and it is also more likely that there will be interference with other devices, such as Bluetooth or microwave connections.

On the other hand, the 5 GHz band is the one that allows you to achieve the maximum Internet speed wirelessly. It is the best option if you are going to connect near the router, since there are also usually no conflict problems with other devices. Now, it is a frequency more sensitive to distance and possible obstacles such as walls.

Choose the channel well

You should also keep in mind which Wi-Fi channel you are going to use. Choosing one or the other may mean that the connection works correctly or have cuts due to the fact that you use a saturated channel. If you live in a building with many houses nearby and many neighbors who use a Wi-Fi channel close to yours or even the same one, you are going to have problems.

You can use apps like WiFi Analyzer to find the best channel and connect to it. Especially if you use the 2.4 GHz band, you may have more problems in this regard. You will not have as many if you connect to the 5 GHz one, since they are not overlapping channels and you will have more flexibility.

All in all, here are some essential tips you can keep in mind to prepare Windows for maximum Internet speed . We have emphasized some recommendations related to the wireless network, since Wi-Fi is widely used and is generally what generates the most problems.