Have I been blocked on WhatsApp? How to get out of doubt

Keeping in touch with our friends, family or co-workers through the WhatsApp messaging application is common. We generally use text messages through this platform, although we can also make voice or video calls. But perhaps that relationship with some of our contacts does not always go as well as we might initially think.

The usual thing is that we select an existing chat or create a new one to establish communication via text with one of our added contacts. This is something that we can carry out both from our mobile device and from the desktop computer . In this way we can share all kinds of comments or even files with these other people through the platform. However, these digital relationships do not always go from strength to strength, or at least not as we initially thought.

Have I been blocked on WhatsApp

Sometimes it may be the case that one of our contacts so far on WhatsApp has blocked us. Keep in mind that initially if this happens, the platform itself will not notify us. This means that contrary to what some people think, WhatsApp will not inform us about a contact that has blocked us. This could reach us via a message from the service itself , but this is a function that does not yet exist.

Therefore, if we wonder about the possible blockade that some contact has made on ours, let’s see the signs that will show us.

We cannot see the last connection of the contact

Surely many of you are more than clear that if the contact that we have added has not deactivated this functionality of the platform, we can see the time or date of their last connection to WhatsApp . For this we must also have this functionality active and we just have to access its window to start chatting. At the top of it, as a general rule, we will see when was the last time that person connected.whatsapp contacto

However, in the event that you have blocked us, this is information that we will no longer be able to see from that moment on. This means that this is a clear indication that this contact, for whatever reason, has just blocked us so we will not be able to interact with it.

Profile picture updates don’t change

Another of the tests that will help us verify that this contact has blocked us at some point in the past is by taking a look at their profile picture. This is an element that many users tend to change quite regularly. However, if we see that for a long period of time this does not change, that could be another clear proof that the contact blocked them. Even more so if until now he had regularly changed his photo and no longer does so.

WhatsApp messages and calls never arrive

Perhaps this is the most important or defining test that we are going to find to realize that a certain contact has blocked us. And it is that the messages sent to a contact that has blocked us will always show the verification mark as if it was sent. However, they will never display a second checkmark to show us that the message was delivered. In turn, the calls we make will never be picked up, since they do not actually reach their recipient.