Have a Chromecast? Don’t Miss out These Accessories

Chromecast? Don't Miss out These Accessories

One of the best media players you can buy is Google’s new Chromecast . The Mountain View-based giant surprised with a new model that stood out for having Google TV as an operating system. And the truth is that the possibilities it offers are really interesting.

Without a doubt, an excellent option to consider for all kinds of situations. Simply because being able to convert any traditional television into a Smart TV opens up a surprising range of possibilities. You can give a new use to the old TV in the kitchen, watch your favorite series on Amazon Prime Video on the televisions of any hotel …

Accessories to improve the usability of this player

Chromecast con mando

But keep in mind that this device has some limitations to take into account. Due to its restrained size, the team behind the design of this product could not integrate some elements that will allow to get the most out of this Google dongle. Not to mention other accessories for the Chromecast that should not be missing in your possession.

A clear example is in the remote that is included with this device. An item prone to bumps and falls. And we already anticipate that, if you want to use the original remote, it will be difficult to find a replacement. Better avoid unnecessary scares with a good silicone case.

Options to consider

As you may have seen, there are a good number of options to consider if you want to buy accessories for your Chromecast. For this reason, and to make things really easy for you, we have prepared a top where you will find the best options to take into account to get more out of the multimedia player with Google TV than ever before. Without further ado, we leave you with all the accessories that we have selected for you.



We start this compilation with one of the most interesting accessories to get the most out of Google’s new Chromecast. One of the great limitations of this device we see in its low storage capacity. While it is true that this gadget has 8 GB of RAM, half of this storage is occupied by the operating system.

And taking into account that having Google TV you can install all kinds of games and applications, it is normal that you consider that the storage capacity is somewhat limited. Luckily, the solution is as simple as betting on this HUB from AUKEY, one of the great references in the sector. With this accessory you can have three USB ports in which to connect a flash memory or an external hard drive.



You still prefer a slightly more vitaminized model. So, don’t miss out on this HUB, since in addition to having USB 3.0 ports to offer the best performance, it also boasts an SD and microSD connector so you can use your cards with Google’s media player. You will not be disappointed!


Cable conexión USB tipo C

The Chromecast needs a USB Type-C cable to power the device. And the problem is that the cable that comes with the box is extremely short. The solution? Bet on a longer cable to be able to connect it wherever you want. Taking into account that the model we recommend reaches 2 meters in length, you will have no problem connecting the player to any USB socket.

Belkin INC001btBK USB Ethernet Adapter

Adaptador USB Ethernet Belkin INC001btBK 

Another limitation of the new Chromecast has to do with its connectivity options. More than anything because, the only way to connect to the Internet is using a WiFi network. Luckily, there is a very simple solution with which you can connect your media player to the Internet using cable.

All thanks to this Ethernet adapter that adds this component to the Google dongle. A very simple accessory, but one that can save you from more than one trouble. Especially if, for whatever reason, you want to use the Chromecast using this more stable connection.

Neoteck HDMI to RCA

Neoteck HDMI a RCA para Chromecast

The only requirement to use the Chromecast is that the device to be connected has an HDMI output. The problem is that older televisions do not have this element. Luckily, the solution is as simple as buying this HDMI to AV adapter so you can connect the media player to any television.

Keep in mind that this model only supports passing the signal at 1080p quality, so you will not enjoy a 4K image, but considering if you need this accessory it is because you want to connect the Chromecast to a very old television, it will give you a lot same resolution.

HDMI to VGA adapter

Adaptador HDMI a VGA

Although, you still need an HDMI to VGA adapter. Especially if you want to connect the Google media player to an old screen. In this case, this little accessory will more than meet your expectations.

HDMI elbow

codo hdmi

The last adapter for the Chromecast that we want to recommend is this simple HDMI elbow. A perfect product if the position of the HDMI ports of your Smart TV prevent you from connecting the Google dongle correctly.

Silicone Case For Chromecast

Continuing with this compilation with the best accessories you can buy to make the most of the possibilities of the new Google multimedia player, we did not want to miss the opportunity to recommend this silicone case for the remote control of your Chromecast. A simple product to place and that will serve to protect this component.

Maegoo controller

Mando Maegoo para Xiaomi Mi TV Box S

One of the great advantages of the new Chromecast over its predecessors comes with the fact that it has Google TV as an operating system. In this way, you will be able to install all kinds of games and applications in the new multimedia player of the Mountain View-based giant. So, if you are an inveterate gamer, don’t miss out on this bluetooth remote that you can also use on your computer.

RunSnail SF30 Pro

RunSnail SF30 Pro

We close this top with another remote control that is perfect to enjoy retro console emulators. A product with a very characteristic design so that you can remember those hours of your childhood playing the console with your friends. An almost obligatory purchase!