How to Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy and Troubleshoot

Mobiles can suffer various problems and failures that in most cases do not need an advanced method such as Hard Reset, although there are problems that require it. For this reason we want to show you how you can do a Hard Reset on any Samsung Galaxy , regardless of the model or the range to which it corresponds.

All Samsung models share the Recovery mode that we will have to access to complete the Hard Reset, as well as One UI , one of all the customization ROMs that we can find. This process does not require too much knowledge, but it does require care and attention to the instructions that we are going to indicate, because we could make a mistake with certain consequences.

hard reset samsung

Prepare your mobile for the Hard Reset

One of the most important steps is that of information, since the Hard Reset will eliminate all the multimedia files and content that we have on our mobile. So the first thing we should do is save them to other devices like a computer. Make sure there are no important files left, as they cannot be recovered later.

samsung galaxy a90 5g

When we have already saved all our files, we will be ready to return our mobile to the original state , thus avoiding possible problems caused by updates or errors generated by applications and the battery.

Hard reset on Samsung Galaxy

The process to reset our Samsung Galaxy consists of several steps that we must follow carefully so as not to confuse them. Before starting, we must check that our mobile phone has more than 50% of the battery and otherwise we can plug it in through the original charger to carry it out.

hard reset samsung galaxy

  • We turn off our Samsung Galaxy by holding down the power button and tapping turn off.
  • When it is off, press the power button at the same time and increase the volume at the same time for several seconds until you see the Android logo.
  • (Some models with Bixby button must press and hold power + Bixby + increase volume)
  • In the following steps we move with the volume up and down keys, accepting with the power button.
  • We place ourselves on “Wipe data / Factory reset” and accept with the power button.
  • Then we go to “Yes” and accept.
  • Finally we choose “Reboot system now”.

Now we just have to wait for all the data on our phone to be erased and when it turns on again, we will have to configure it as a new phone . It is not advisable to continuously repeat this process, but in case of errors or problems it may be the only solution.