Halo Infinite: Support for Spatial Audio on Xbox and PC

Is Halo Infinite one of the most anticipated games by Xbox and PC users? Possibly yes, although it still remains until he can get the glove. Anyway, 343 Industries has shared news related to audio and they are enough to imagine what will be enjoyed in this new adventure.

Support for audio space and more

Halo Infinite

There is no doubt that we are all looking forward to Halo Infinite, a game that we really want to play. After all, it is one of the great video game sagas and one of the most important for Microsoft and its two entertainment platforms: Windows PCs and Xbox.

Well, 343 Industries has shared a series of novelties that this time move away from the graphics, the gameplay and even the story or other similar details and focus on another of those sections that not everyone values equally: the sound . And it is not fair, because without a good listening experience many games would not be the same. If you don’t believe us, imagine playing The Last of US or some other title with a lot of epic where a good soundtrack does not help to further enhance the emotions it generates.

Well, returning to the topic, Halo Infinite will be the first title in the saga that will have support for Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic and DTS Headphone: X. That is, it will be prepared to enjoy all the experience offered by 3D audio or 360 sound. degrees.

What will this support bring to a game like Halo? Let’s see, spatial audio is an improvement in every way and practically regardless of the content you are going to play. It can be a series, a movie or a video game, the improvement in terms of experience will be important and at least that support can be equated to the best you can currently have.

Halo Infinite 2021

The big difference is that in a game like Halo Infinite, this support with equipment capable of reproducing spatial audio will allow you to appreciate many more nuances and enjoy a much greater sense of immersion. And it is that you could identify clearly and with greater depth where each sound that is generated within the game comes from.

For example, explosions would generate that feeling of knowing exactly if they have exploded at the height of your head or at the height of the ground. So you would have a perception rarely seen in a video game, not to say almost not seen before.

Recording spatial sounds for Halo Infinite

In this behind-the-scenes video you can see some of the work that the sound specialists have done to generate some of what can be heard in the game. A graphic document that will be interesting to review when you can play the 343 Industries title.

In addition to these, the subject of explosions is also very curious because they went to the desert to detonate explosives and record the sound with about 80 microphones placed at strategic points.