Guide to Razer BlackWidow Gaming Keyboards with All Models

You may be a fan of Razer peripherals because you like their design or because you have been satisfied with one of their products. Their Razer BlackWidow keyboards are very famous for their performance and quality, so we understand that it is difficult to choose. Therefore, we offer you our guide, which will dispel your doubts.

The Razer BlackWidow family consists of two main keyboards: the regular version and the Elite version. You may find yourself at the crossroads of having to choose one of the two, but you don’t know which one best suits your needs. Therefore, we help you choose the right Razer keyboard, thoroughly analyzing these magnificent peripherals.

Razer BlackWidow Gaming Keyboards with All Models

Razer BlackWidow 2019

Razer BlackWidow 2019

We start with the most basic BlackWidow model, which is characterized by offering a complete distribution and by that straight lines design marked by Razer. The BlackWidow 2019 is equipped with green Razer switches , which have protection against dust and liquids.

These switches offer a fast, tactile response that many gamers like and offer a lifespan of 80 million keystrokes . Also, we will enjoy the Razer HyperShift controls, through which we can assign a secondary function to a key. To activate this function, we must hold down the key in question.

It is an interesting function to use keys as shortcuts while we are in a video game, being a typical example the functions of Twitch. In turn, we will have the Fn key that also works as a shortcut, but we have to press 2 keys to activate the function: the Fn key + the key with the assigned function. In this way, HyperShift differs in that we only press one key.

Razer HyperShift

Razer wanted to give this BlackWidow keyboard a very interesting Razer Chroma RGB lighting. We say this because there are video games that are made with the control of our keyboard (if we want), offering personalized effects while we play. Among these video games, we find first-rate titles, such as Fortnite, Apex, Overwatch, Doom, Final Fantasy XV or Call of Duty.

On the other hand, we have the built-in hybrid memory and the Razer cloud storage , which we find useful to save our profiles. If you wonder what utility it has, tell you that it is a good initiative to be able to use the same configuration of our old keyboard in a new model.

Anti-ghosting technology could not be missing, such as the game mode option that helps us deactivate the Windows key so that it does not bother us while we play.

Razer BlackWidow Elite

Razer BlackWidow Elite

Then we have the Elite version of this family, which brings certain features that make the buyer doubt. To say in advance that the Elite version has everything that the BlackWidow 2019 offers , but differs in that it offers additional features . The first difference is found in its switches , since it offers three different types :

  • Razer Green, which is the same switch that the BlackWidow 2019 carries.
  • Razer Orange, characterized by its tactile and silent response.
  • Razer Yellow, which is a linear and silent switch.

Where the BlackWidow has the Razer lettering silkscreen, the Elite incorporates physical multimedia controls , characterized by the rewind, play / pause, skip forward button and a volume control wheel that incorporates a mute button in the center.

Razer BlackWidow Elite

Another of the characteristic notes of the BlackWidow Elite is its ergonomic magnetic wrist rest that is composed of a very soft synthetic leather. For gamers it is a point in their favor, but for professionals who use the keyboard a lot it is an asset that places them ahead of their little brother.

Finally, it differs in that it incorporates a USB port and another for the headphones , so that it serves as a shortcut to connect other peripherals that we use often. Personally, it is not a function that I miss, but it is appreciated that the manufacturers try to offer the maximum facilities to the users.

What is the keyboard you need?

As always, we start from the use that we are going to give each keyboard. We think the Razer BlackWidow 2019 is a great option for gamers looking for a keyboard with a good value for money . It will give us a very good performance thanks to its switches, its lighting and its anti-ghosting.

On the other hand, those looking for a more comfortable and complete keyboard , the Elite is the chosen one. On the one hand, it offers us a high-end comfort thanks to its multimedia buttons and a wrist rest that will reduce the fatigue of our joints. Also, for those who want the best precision, this keyboard comes with 3 differentiated switches that are placed in strategic areas.

Logically, the Elite is more complete, but more expensive, since it exceeds € 100 in a comfortable way; while the BlackWidow 2019 is placed below € 100 and is slightly lower. The difference from one model to another is not enormous, so you will be right if you choose the basic version. So, you will be right with either of the 2 Razer BlackWidow keyboards.