Google Stadia Support Family Mode: How to Configure it and Limitations

Google Stadia Support Family Mode

Family mode comes to Google Stadia, as the company has announced. A feature that can be really good for the growth of the service, although before launching into it it is important that you know some details and restrictions that will apply. To avoid possible surprises once you start using it.

The advantages of Family mode on Google Stadia

The Family mode is today one of those characteristics practically essential for any digital service. At least if they don’t want to get stuck in terms of growth. Because it must be admitted that few users are willing to pay several times for the same service within the same family unit.

Well, now it is Google that finally announces that Google Stadia already supports Family mode . In this way, the company’s streaming game service will allow several members of the same family unit to benefit from the advantages offered by this mode.

The first and most important is that they will be able to share purchases . This means that if one member purchases a game, the other members will also be able to play it without using the same account. The only thing is that each and every one of them are within the family unit.

The second advantage is that when each one uses their account , the saving data is also separated . So each one plays and advances at their own pace without affecting the rest and without being able to cause a problem when starting the game by mistake with the advance of another, etc.

Finally, with only one member registered in Stadia Pro it will be enough to claim the free games and that the rest of the family users can play them for free.

How to set up Google Play Family Library

This new Family Sharing feature for Google Stadia has already started to be implemented, so you may already have it available. If not, Google indicates that in a matter of a week all users will have access to it so that they can set up their own family units.

To create a family unit for Google Stadia you have to use the Google Play Family Library . Thanks to this Google tool, it is how you can configure everything you need to enjoy In Family on Google Stadia. Always bearing in mind that the maximum number of users is 6 and an adult must be the family administrator.

When setting up a family unit, the process is not complex at all and you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store application on your Android device or browser
  2. In the menu go to Account> Family
  3. There you will find the options to Manage family members and Register to create the family collection
  4. With the first option, invite the users you want to be part of the family and assign them roles based on whether or not they are minors.
  5. The second option is how you create the Google Play family collection
  6. Follow the steps and set up a family payment method. It is important to know that purchases will always be authorized by you, they will not be able to buy on their own if they do not have that privilege
  7. Ready, you have it

From now on, any member that belongs to the family unit that you have created or if you have been invited to one, everyone will be able to access the shared benefits of Google Stadia.

The limitations of Sharing the Google Stadia Family

So far so good and interesting, right? Well yes, it is and it sure helps Google Stadia a rebound in use and users. But not everything is perfect and Google also announced a series of restrictions knowing that it is very likely that there is more than one who creates a “family unit” with users who do not really belong to the same family. Come on, the classic friends who get together to take advantage of these shopping sharing options.

Therefore, according to Google, two accounts cannot play a shared game at the same time . To be able to do it, they either have bought it separately or both pay for Stadia Pro and have claimed it. There is also another limitation for Stadia Pro users. If they claim a game while subscribing, the moment their subscription expires the game can no longer be Family Sharing.

However, although not being able to play the same game at the same time is the most “problematic”, the truth is that it also provides advantages for all those users, whether family or not, who want to enjoy the advantages of Stadia at a price less thanks to the possibility of sharing expenses.