With Google Stadia Pro You Can Play F1 2020, Hotlime Miami for Free

Can Play F1 2020, Hotlime Miami for Free

Google Stadia continues to add new titles to its catalog and although it may not do so at the rate that many would like, the truth is that it is increasingly interesting to contemplate the idea of paying for the Pro option. This month you can play F1 2020 or the addictive Hotline Miami among others.

Hotline Miami, F1 2020 and more on Stadia Pro

Google Stadia kicked off the start of the new year by adding several new games to its catalog. Titles that with the free subscription have a cost equal to or greater than what a single month of the Pro version of the service would cost you. So you should still consider the possibility of paying for it or, at least, take advantage of the free trial month if you have not used it yet.

The new games that Google has added to Stadia are F1 2020, Hotline Miami, Sniper Elite 4, The Son – A Wild West Tale, Outcasters and the complete Hitman 2 package . A very interesting selection that can practically convince any type of player, although it is the first three that could be more worthwhile.

If you like Formula 1 racing, it is clear that you already have a game to spend hours and hours of fun from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Also, you should know that you can now use Stadia on Apple devices, so you only have to visit the Google Stadia website and add the shortcut to your iOS or iPadOS home screen.

And the same with Hotline Miami or Sniper Elite 4, two games that are quite addictive. The first with its frenetic pace is ideal to indulge yourself for an entire afternoon and even days. And the second is one of those games that FPS lovers will enjoy, especially if they like to go camping to finish off their enemies with a sniper rifle.

However, as we said at the beginning, the most interesting thing about all this is that these games in the Pro version of Stadia are completely free. However, if you want to play them by accessing the free option, you will have to buy the game separately and the truth is that, unless you know that you are going to play them for a long time, better enjoy them to the fullest this month and the next you play the new ones to add.

Because, for example, F1 2020 costs 41.99 euros, Hotline Miami 9.99 euros, El Hijo, 19.99 euros, Sniper Elite 69.99 euros, Outcasters 19.99 euros and Hitman 2 24,490 euros at the moment; but some of them are usually priced higher. So, if you do the math, you will realize that it is much more worth paying only 9.99 euros and enjoying them with the benefits of the Pro package that gives you preference when accessing the servers or even being able to play at a higher resolution in addition of other discounts.

Finally, as we always say, if you are going to give Google Stadia a chance or you have already done it and you do not adapt to touch controls, to enjoy the service more, it is best to connect a PS4 or Xbox controller to your mobile device.