Google Stadia for iPhone and iPad Arrives in Beta: You Can Now Play on iOS

The day came, after the way in which Google would bring its streaming game service to Apple mobile devices was announced, you can now enjoy Stadia on your iPhone and iPad . So, don’t even think about it because despite being still in beta it is easy and you can even enjoy some very interesting games without paying a single euro.

Stadia officially arrives on the iPhone and iPad

Google knew, as well as other companies that are betting on the whole issue of streaming gaming, that bringing Stadia to iOS and iPadOS devices through a native app was not going to be easy at all. Moreover, it was going to be directly impossible due to how Apple had closed in on the band, but giving up having Stadia on the iPhone and iPad was not in their plans.

Google Stadia for iPhone and iPad

In the first place because users were asking for it and secondly because Google itself knew very well the potential market that it would be losing if they did not. Luckily Amazon showed everyone the way with Luna’s presentation.

Finally this is how it happened. Google Stadia is now ready to run on both the iPhone and iPad through Safari . It will be the Apple browser that serves as the gateway to this proposal that gives us such interesting game options as the new Cyberpunk 2077 (and its bugs as well), Destiny, Assanssins Creed and many more games.

Google Stadia Juegos

It is true that these are paid games and we still have to assimilate that idea of paying for a game that you can only have on a streaming platform as well as for its physical copy, but it will be a matter of time to accept the new models. Because it also has other advantages, such as the advertised access to all of Ubisoft Plus through Stadia.

However, if you want to try Stadia on your iPhone or iPad without spending a single euro you can . In the first place, because it does not require any type of payment when having a free plan. The only drawback is that it has a series of limitations in terms of image quality and access to servers, but to test how it performs it is more than enough. And secondly, because Stadia offers two free titles: Destiny 2 and Super Bomberman R.

Therefore, after waiting for so long for the arrival of Stadia to Apple products, now you cannot refuse not to at least test how it behaves. If you have a relatively good internet connection, you will see that it is a very attractive option for video game lovers who have little time or do not want to depend on any specific hardware.

Although the best thing will be to see how Apple will act, because either they surprise by bothering the experience with changes in Safari or realizing that so much stubbornness is going to mean significant loss of income.

How to add Stadia to the home screen of iOS and iPadOS

Well, finally, if you want to have a direct access to Stadia on the home screen of your iPhone or iPad , this can be achieved quite easily and in the same way that you could do it for other web pages or online services without a native application.

To create a shortcut, all you have to do is access Stadia from Safari and access the Stadia website. Once the web loads, from the iOS and iPadOS sharing menu, look for the Add to home screen option. At that moment the icon will appear on the Home and you can put the name you want if it is the case or directly Stadia. And remember, always better with a gamepad. Here you can see how to use the PS4 and Xbox One controller with your Apple device.