Why the Google Pixel application icons disappear?

google-pixel-4The commercial journey of the Google Pixel 4 is not being all the good that Google could expect, who in this newly released 2020 should stand firm and revolutionize its mobile technology sector. But, in addition, software updates for your phones are generating more headaches than solutions to your customers.

The most recent example is in the December 10 update of Android 10 for compatible mobile phones with the software. It is causing an annoying failure in the Google Pixel that causes, incomprehensibly, the shortcuts to the applications, that is, the icons to the apps that we find on the mobile desktop, are disappearing without a trace.

fallo pixel launcher

Do not directly outline the update delete the affected applications, which are chosen randomly without following a specific pattern. What happens is that the error that is spreading by Google Pixel makes the app’s cones invisible in the Pixel Launcher.

Instead of the icon, a blank space appears with the name of the application and the phone’s wallpaper takes up the empty space. However, users can still open the application by touching their name.

In the lower dock the failure is more serious because, as we all know, Most launchers like Pixel Launcher do not enter the name of the app in this lower bar so the error of the Google Pixel update gives the impression that the application was deleted completely, when it’s really there.

Currently, the error appears in the entire Google Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 series and does so after updating the December patch and restarting the phone.

What is the solution?

It is expected that as the bug spreads, Google will get to work as soon as possible to relaunch a patch to solve this problem. Meanwhile, you always have the opportunity to try to solve this headache manually by “resetting” the start screen of your Google Pixel by deleting all its data.

Since the problem seems to be in the Google launcher, go to Settings> Applications and notifications> Application information. Here, you must access the Pixel Launcher options and select Storage. Once inside select Clear data and restart the phone. When you turn it on, check if the icons of the affected applications have reappeared on your mobile.