Google Pixel 5: These Will Be Its Screen Features

Today the Samsung Galaxy Note are presented, opening the round of great presentations that we have left between now and the end of the year. Shortly after, the new iPhone 12 and the Huawei Mate 40 will see the light, being for last place and closing the year, the Google Pixel 5 .

Google, who this week has presented its new mid-range in the form of the Google Pixel 4a, is preparing the landing of its large range caps for the last quarter of the year. Unlike the model released a couple of days ago, which is not compatible with 5G networks, the brand’s new phones are expected to be compatible with the latest connectivity standard.

Google Pixel 5 Screen Features

But this is not the only thing we know about the phone as recent information reveals that the Google Pixel 5 could reach the market boasting a 120Hz refresh rate screen.

Pixel 5

Shaping the screen of the Pixel 5

According to screen analyst Ross Young, a new Google Pixel phone with 5G support will arrive this year and will be equipped with a large 6.6-inch screen. The screen will support 120Hz refresh rate, and will be supplied by Samsung Display and BOE.

The information that we have regarding future manufacturers phones speak of the Pixel 5 not being a flagship phone, leaving this place for the Pixel 5 XL model. However, the latest rumors say that the company has no plans to launch an XL model this year, so we are facing somewhat contradictory information. Although it would not be the first time that we see cheap mobiles with a high refresh rate, as realme well knows.

Today, the most likely is that the Pixel 5 will be launched together with a hypothetical Google Pixel 4a that, this time, would release compatibility with 5G networks. In this way the Pixel 5 would mount a screen of more than 6 inches with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and the Pixel 4a 5G a panel of 5.8 inches with a classic refresh rate of 60 Hz.

Other features

The Pixel 5 is rumored to work with the r Snapdragon 765G processor that allows it to achieve a more competitive price and would use a large battery. Its speculated price is around $ 650 while the P ixel 4a compatible with 5G networks would be around $ 450. The two telephones are expected to be presented throughout the month of October.