Google Pixel 4: All the New Features of the Last Update

It is not new that Google Pixels often serve as an Android test bench. Now that a large number of terminals are being updated to Android 10, Android 11 begins to appear on the horizon and all the news that will mark the immediate future of our mobiles. Now we have known a good handful of novelties that are beginning to reach the Pixel 4 and that include new features, more emojis and a more complete Dark Mode.

The Pixel 4 has not been without controversy, with some performance failures since its sale. However, users of this device know that Google can implant unpublished news at any time that is not present on other Android devices. It is what happens now with the March security update, which comes accompanied by interesting news, which gives it some advantage over its main rivals.


All the news of Pixel 4

New emojis

Currently, the Pixel 4 family is running Android 10, and it comes with Unicode Emoji 12.0, however, it is now receiving an Emoji 12.1 update, which is located at an intermediate step between version 12 and 13. As detailed in “Emojipedia” 23 new emojis of the so-called gender neutral are included, such as a firefighter, an astronaut, a person in a wheelchair, a judge and more. In addition, they include variations of skin tone, which in total causes 138 new emojis to add up .

Programmable Dark Mode

There is also another feature that was introduced in the beta for Android 11 developers. The famous Dark Mode, can now be programmed on demand to turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn, in order to seek energy savings for those who do not require or do not want to have it activated 24 hours.

Trasera del Google Pixel 4 en varios colores

More shine

Other of the new features, allows to increase the brightness of the terminal even more , which will allow to have a plus of illumination in specific moments. It is not a function that is intended for constant activation, since the battery would pay the consequences.

What’s new in Google Pay

Now, holding down the power button will bring up a special Google Pay interface, the Google payment gateway, to touch and pay more efficiently, also allowing you to quickly switch between credit cards . Similarly, boarding cards can also be added to Google Play. Simply take a screenshot and tap on the “Add to Google Pay” option

Motion Sense more complete

The novel Motion Sense function that was released in the Pixel 4 also receives its own ration of novelties. The manager allows you to perform next and previous gestures, but now, also “play” or “pause” in addition to allowing music to be played just by running your hand across the terminal screen.

Google Duo is renewed

Google Duo, the Google video chat application, introduced in 2016, is also updated to try to survive, adding support for AR Widgets.

When they will be available

As usual in Google, all these news, will arrive slowly but gradually to all Pixel 4. According to the company, they will be gradually implemented from now until March. These developments go hand in hand with the new security patch in March and a necessary Google Play Services update to work properly.