Google One Storage Plans: How Many Photos Can You Safeguard?

We all cherish the idea of keeping our digital treasures safe without constantly fretting about storage space limitations. If you’re among the many who rely on Google Photos to store your cherished memories but often find yourself bumping into memory constraints, it’s high time you delve into the world of Google One plans to see which one fits your needs. But what does each Google One plan offer in terms of photo storage capacity?

Google One is Google’s comprehensive online storage service that provides various options based on your storage requirements. It brings together storage across various Google services, including Google Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail. However, understanding the available storage space in a specific plan becomes more meaningful when you know how many photos it can accommodate.

google one plan

Let’s break down the Google One plans available as of December 2023:

  1. 15 GB Free
  2. 100 GB for €1.99 per month
  3. 200 GB for €2.99 per month
  4. 2 TB for €9.99 per month

But just how many photos can you fit into each of these plans? Before we do the math, it’s essential to acknowledge that the size of a JPEG photo can vary widely based on factors like resolution, quality, and compression. For instance, photos captured with smartphones can occupy anywhere from 1 to 5 MB, while those taken with professional cameras might consume between 10 and 20 MB. Therefore, the number of photos you can store on each plan will depend on the average size of your images.

For the sake of simplification, let’s assume the average size of your photos is around 3 MB, considering typical resolutions found in modern cameras. This would mean that each gigabyte of storage can house approximately 333 photos. With this in mind, you can save approximately:

  • On the free 15 GB plan: About 5,000 photos
  • On the 100 GB plan: Roughly 33,000 photos
  • On the 200 GB plan: Approximately 66,000 photos
  • On the 2 TB plan: Around 666,000 photos

However, keep in mind that the storage space you purchase isn’t exclusively reserved for Google Photos. It is shared storage across the mentioned services. For example, if you have a 100 GB plan and 50 GB of that space is already occupied by files in Google Drive, you’ll have approximately 50 GB of storage left for photos, equivalent to around 16,500 photos.

But Google One offers more than just storage capacity. Subscribers enjoy additional perks such as access to Google experts to resolve account or product-related queries, discounts on the Google Store and Google Play, and an intriguing option to share your space with family members. You can invite up to five family members to join your plan, granting them the same storage and benefits at no extra cost.

Furthermore, Google One enhances your Google Photos experience with additional editing options, supports automatic device backups, and even provides a VPN service for multiple devices, making it a comprehensive offering for your digital lifestyle needs.