Google Keep reinvents itself on mobile phones and watches

Making notes on Android phones and WearOS watches is going to be a completely different experience with the new Google Keep features on all platforms, the company recently announced.

If you have a mobile or watch with the Google operating systems mentioned in its updated version, you will find the new quick notes functions that will considerably change the way you take notes.

Google Keep reinvents itself on mobile phones and watches

You will be delighted to discover what Google has in store for you, and perhaps it will be one more motivation to get the most out of the famous application or try it for the first time. You want to know more?

With the new widgets, your notes more at hand

The Google Keep app is essential for many people, while others have not yet been able to take full advantage of its full potential. With the main innovations that Google has introduced for Android, comes a third notes widget that allows you to store a single note on your home screen and use it interactively.

For example, you will be able to make your own sketches, manage your images or manage a shopping list more efficiently from the home screen of your mobile. You will have the option to put a single note of your interest on your screen and manage it according to your preferences. The use you give to the notes from the mobile screen will depend on your needs and what you want to achieve.

Google notas widget mas

The new individual notes widget will help you improve your productivity thanks to the fact that it has background colors, shows reminders and allows you to add images from the app. It can also be synchronized with your watch. For now we do not know when it will be available, but it is expected to be very soon.

Manage your notes in one touch with your watch

Smartwatches will also find their own widget, a home screen shortcut on many of these devices’ faces . Thus, with a single touch the entry opens in a very intuitive way, which you can manage with your voice with the assistant or on the on-screen keyboard. When complete, it is saved with a tap on the button and stored as a new entry. You can add a reminder if you wish.

crear nota smartwatch

Adding new notes or to-do lists from your watch face is that easy, and will soon be available on many smartwatch models. For now, this new possibility is only available on watches with Wear OS 3.

Other news in Google notes

If this seems little to you, PDF annotations have been introduced in Google Drive , so you can save notes in this popular format, something that will be very practical for you. You will have the option to save important texts with the highlighting tool, add freehand notes or comments with different ink strokes and much more.

All these novelties come together to create a new way of using the famous Google notes tool that will make it easier for you to save and manage your notes in a very short time in a much more effective way, adapting to your needs.