Google Drive didn’t sync files in Windows: how to fix it

When we create a Google account, among the many services it offers us, one of the most interesting is cloud storage . Google Drive offers us 15 GB for free (and up to several terras paying every month) to save whatever we want, from documents created with Google Docs to personal files. To make it easier for us to synchronize files, Google allows us to install a program in Windows that allows us to synchronize all the files in the cloud with our PC. But what happens when this synchronization does not work?

Google Drive didn't sync files in Windows

Google Drive synchronization must be done in two ways: the first, uploading to the cloud everything that we copy to its folder on our computer, and the second, just the opposite, copying everything that is in the cloud to our computer . In this way we make sure that our data is always available and we will not have problems accessing it. However, this does not always work well, and it is possible that this synchronization sometimes gets lost, leading to serious problems.

If the data is not synchronized, what can happen is that we have a file on the PC, saved locally, that is not available in the cloud, so we will not be able to access it from another PC or from the mobile. And, if it is deleted from the computer, we will not have the corresponding backup copy.

In case this happens, there are several ways to fix it.

Check the status of the app

The first thing we have to do is check that the app is working . To do this, the first thing we must do is try to locate its icon in the system tray (where the Windows clock is) to see that the service is open correctly.

In case it is not, several situations can occur. The first of these is that the program has been deleted , in which case what we will have to do is reinstall it (and, incidentally, update it). The second, that the program does not open automatically at startup , so when you turn on the computer it will not be loaded and we will have to open it by hand. And the third, that there is a problem with our account, that, to solve it, we will have to log in again.

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You have internet?

We still think that the problem is in the Google Drive client when, in fact, it is caused by our Internet connection. Therefore, the second solution that we should look for is to check if we are connected to the Internet, and if the connection is fast and good. Synchronizing files takes a long time, especially if they are large files, so the ideal is to connect to the router by cable , or at least do it through the 5 GHz network.

Another aspect that we must check is that the DNS works well , and that the Google servers are not suffering a temporary drop that prevents us from synchronizing our data.

Check the space and possible errors

Finally, it is also necessary that we make sure that we have enough space in the cloud to be able to perform the synchronization. It is very common that, if we copy many files, and we are using the 15 GB of free storage, it fills up sooner than expected and we run out of space for more.

In addition, within the Google Drive for Windows program itself, we can find a section where we can see a list of errors that may have occurred and that will help us find the problem.