Google Chrome Not Saving Passwords? Here’s How to Fix It!

Google Chrome, a popular choice for internet browsing, often eases our online experience by saving passwords. However, users occasionally encounter issues where Chrome fails to remember passwords, necessitating a revisit of login credentials. This guide aims to provide straightforward solutions to re-enable and effectively manage Chrome’s password-saving functionality.

Ensuring Smooth Password Management in Chrome

google chrome not saving passwords

  1. Activating Password Saving: If Chrome isn’t prompting you to save passwords, the feature might be turned off. Navigate to the three dots at the top right, select ‘Passwords and Autofill,’ then ‘Google Password Manager,’ and finally the ‘Settings’ tab. Here, make sure ‘Ask if I want to save passwords’ is enabled. Additionally, you can manually add passwords by clicking ‘Add’ and entering relevant details.
  2. Managing the ‘Rejected Apps and Sites’ List: Chrome might skip password prompts for certain sites if ‘Never’ was selected previously. To rectify this, go to Google Password Manager settings, find ‘Rejected Sites & Apps,’ and remove the sites you want Chrome to prompt for password saving again.
  3. Regular Chrome Updates and Cache Clearance: Keeping Chrome updated is crucial. Update via the three-dot menu > ‘Settings’ > ‘Chrome Info.’ Clearing the cache can also resolve glitches affecting password prompts. This can be done by selecting ‘Clear browsing data’ and checking ‘Cached files and images.’
  4. Resetting Google Chrome: If all else fails, resetting Chrome to its original settings might be necessary. Be aware that this will erase all Chrome data. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Reset settings’ > ‘Restore settings to original default values’ to perform this reset.
  5. Disabling Extensions: Sometimes, extensions can interfere with Chrome’s functionality. Try disabling them by clicking the puzzle piece icon, then ‘Manage extensions,’ and toggling off each extension to identify the culprit.
  6. Repairing a Damaged Chrome Profile: As a last resort, if issues persist, consider deleting and re-adding your Chrome profile. This can be done by clicking your profile picture, selecting ‘Manage Profiles,’ deleting the problematic profile, and then adding a new one.