Goodbye OxygenOS? Doubts return to OnePlus

About a year ago, talk began at length about the possibility of OxygenOS ceasing to be the customization layer for OnePlus mobiles, a rumor that ended up being settled through a statement from the company itself. . However, new information puts the software and also the brand’s mobiles on the ropes, at least in a good part of Europe.

BBK Electronics Corporation is the company that pulls the strings on OnePlus and OPPO, which is why their layers and modifications to the system are so similar, what’s more, there are those who get to confuse it, because in recent years they have even copied the tricks and functions for your different smartphones. This is what triggered the rumors we have mentioned and the reason why the Chinese company is now planning a reorganization.

Goodbye OxygenOS

As reported by the eastern media, there will be movement in the conglomerate of brands, some suggest that OPPO will leave Germany and the United Kingdom, while others focus on OxygenOS. At the same time that the information is somewhat confusing, it seems clear that it is necessary to make reorganizations and the software has been put in the spotlight , which could be the key so that brands do not end up disappearing in certain countries.

The changes could also reach Spain

We do not know right now if our country will be affected by the changes in OxygenOS, by the disappearance of brands like OnePlus in Spain or simply by models that do not end up landing, although some information is already reaching us. Last week during the presentation of the latest OPPO flagships, the Find X6 and Find X6 Pro models, it was mentioned by official OPPO sources that we could not buy them internationally through a tweet:

Imagen del usuario de twitter
@AlexHogg Hi Alex, thank you for your attention towards the OPPO Find X6 series. The Find X6 series is currently only scheduled for release in China, with no plans for an international launch at this time.
Thank you.
March 22, 2023 • 2:35 PM



It would not be surprising if this response from the OPPO account in the United Kingdom was the advance of the withdrawal in this area of the planet. While official information arrives for Spain and the BBK group is finishing clarification with the movements, we could see strange decisions and who knows everything that the future of these two companies that have done so much good with their software and technological advances may hold for us.

As we were able to discover a few weeks ago, during Black Friday it became clear that the group was not going through its best moment and companies like Realme were falling in the face of tough competition. Although OPPO seems the only one capable of leading the pace , the low sales volume of OnePlus could end up leading to other important changes like the ones we are discussing.

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What will happen to OxygenOS?

This is what most worries those who have a mobile from the firm in their hands, as they fear that their smartphone will be left out of the game. One of the possibilities happens because it simply withdraws from Spain at the same time as from other European countries , to replace it with another system, although it should maintain the update agreements and offer support for possible problems with its phones.


Another scenario that appears more understandable happens because the layers simply end up merging , causing OnePlus to lag behind as a brand of cheaper smartphones, sharing the same system, ColorOS. However, for now the comments, opinions and rumors are very scattered, the companies do not talk about the changes, therefore, we will only have to wait to know all the movements.