God of War: all the games in the saga in order

Without a doubt, this is one of the sagas that have defined PlayStation since its premiere on PS2 17 years ago now. A journey in which we have met Kratos as the Ghost of Sparta and who has faced practically any God you can imagine. So if you still don’t know him, or you want to know what games you still have to try from him, here is the complete list to delight you with his hack’n slah development. Or what is the same, “distributes cakes like loaves”.

A prolific saga full of great games

God of War

The common denominator of these God of War games is that, without a doubt, they are fun games that can be enjoyed from the first to the last minute. And although Kratos has achieved some achievements within the PlayStation ecosystem, the saga has a small stain to its credit that will last a lifetime because, unlike Uncharted , for example, it never had a specific version for PS Vita (only the HD versions of the first two for PS2), the wonderful Sony portable that hit the market now a little over ten years ago. Although we could always settle for starting one of the two titles that came to PSP and that were fully functional thanks to their backward compatibility with the old PlayStation Portable.

All the games of the saga in order

Without further ado, we are going to delve into the God of War games that have been released and that, for a period of fifteen years, are enough to crown a career like Kratos’s, which, luckily, has not yet ended. .

God of War (2005)

It originally came out for PlayStation 2 and what to say about it. It is a game with a contagious, dynamic, fast development and many challenges, which surprised us with its great staging and handling of the protagonist. A Kratos who, armed with his already legendary chains, has to face a swarm of enemies that do not stop appearing on the screen. Saving the distances, he replicated successes like those of Devil May Cry, in which there comes a time when we lose count of the casualties we have caused the enemy. The story takes us to ancient Greece, which lives in chaos caused by Athenians, Persians and the wrath of the gods.

God of War 2 (2007)

After the success of the first game, it was assumed that Sony would release the sequel. It took two years to get to PlayStation 2, practically when the generation was coming to an end. In this installment, the story tells us that Kratos, the Spartan general turned God of War, has been rejected by Zeus, for which he loses the favor and recognition of Olympus. With few changes from the original, it maintains its line in combat but it complicates things more with some enemies that are already beginning to grow in size and complexity . The saga continues to forge its own distinctive elements.

God of War Chains of Olympus (2008)

It was to be expected that PSP, still alive at the time, would have its own version and this one arrived in 2008. With Chains of Olympus our protagonist reveals to us some events prior to the first two PlayStation 2 titles, when Kratos was still acting at the service of the famous gods of Olympus . This game does not innovate in anything (which is not bad) and is limited to replicating the success of the franchise on home consoles. Yes, an HD version would come to PS3 in 2011.

God of War III (2010)

This game is surely one of the turning points of the saga. It is the first to come to PS3 and it does so by taking advantage of the console’s hardware to show us enemies of enormous dimensions. You only have to remember the first few minutes of the game to check the magnitude it acquires and, without modifying Kratos’ combat, some more refined elements such as puzzles, etc. are incorporated. On this occasion our hero has already lost all faith in the gods of Olympus and will begin a journey to take revenge on practically all of them.

God of War 1 and 2 HD (2010)

Taking advantage of the launch of the third installment, Sony made an adaptation of the old PS2 games to the more powerful PS3 hardware. The graphics are made better, with higher resolution and quality more evident in the textures and the fluidity of the game in general. They are two editions that could be purchased separately or within the same pack to have them all at hand and remember old times.

God of War Ghost of Sparta (2010)

How could it be otherwise, Sony was encouraged to launch a second game for its portable console, PSP . This title maintains the same aspect and gameplay of the Chains of Olympus from two years before and takes the opportunity to continue the story prior to the first two PlayStation 2 releases. Thus, we will meet the Kratos remembered as the Ghost of Sparta in his fight at the service of the gods. The game would have an HD version for PS3 in 2011, a year later.

God of War Ascension (2013)

With this game it seemed that Sony did not want to advance in the history of Kratos after the events of God of War III and we return to remember the moments in which the God of War was still the Ghost of Sparta. On this occasion, we will know the moment in which our protagonist becomes the slave of the gods. This title is not especially remembered, at least at the level of previous ones, but neither is it too out of tune with the rest of the saga. It never made it to PS4, which is strange since it came out in the last moments of the previous generation of PS3.

God of War III Remastered (2015)

With PS4 already in full swing, Sony was encouraged to launch a remastering of one of the best titles in the entire franchise , with 1080p resolution, improved graphics with more detailed textures, better visual effects and the same load of gameplay as the original, in addition to an interesting addition as was the photo mode.

God of War (2018)

To this day it is the last of the titles in the saga and, surely, the best of all . We are facing a complete reboot, with Kratos already in his maturity and a son who accompanies him on his adventures. The creation of Sony Santa Monica is also a visual delight for its staging thanks to a single plane that lasts the entire game, or the role-playing touches with inventory management, skills and weapons. It is a masterpiece that marks the beginning of a new path for the franchise and that has all the earmarks that it will last for years to come. Let’s hope there are many.

God of War Ragnarok (2022/2023)

Although it does not have a confirmed date and we could have it on our PS5 between the end of this year and the beginning of next year, we only know that it is a direct continuation of the events seen in the God of War of 2018. We will attend, yes, a radical change of scenarios, hopefully new game mechanics as well and, of course, we want to know how the story of Kratos continues with his son along the paths indicated by the Norse gods. A Ragnarok that you can see right here above the first reveal video published by Sony Santa Monica. With a story like that of the God of War, how can we not love him very close to our consoles?