Give a 'retro' touch to your Xiaomi mobile with these 5 themes for MIUI

If you are thinking of changing the theme of your mobile and you are not sure which one is best for you, we are going to show you some of the best options you have right now to give a new life to your mobile screen and show off it. when they see you.

They stand out for having a certain retro or vintage style, with the advantage that you can download them directly from the settings of your mobile and see how they customize the home screen, lock screen, notification panel, colors and shapes of the icons and what you want.

5 themes for MIUI

They will give your smartphone a different look, but very attractive if you like vintage. All you have to do is go to the Settings of your mobile, go to the Themes section and search for them by name in the search engine . Find out what they are!

Cheep a Cheep, with icons in different shapes

As soon as you install it, you will see how your screen turns white and the icons take on different original shapes . Some heart-shaped, rounded, etc. The camera and main apps have their own design created with great taste. It has a simple, attractive, elegant appearance and in which all the contents look very good.

cheep-a-cheep tema miui

The watch takes on a basic design in black. In the background, your pet, a very cool hamster that will accompany you wherever you go on the home or lock screen. The lock screen also takes on new life, with the time, calendar, remaining battery life and much more at a glance.

If you love nature, Retro Mountain

This is a very interesting theme with a clear retro style that will give your mobile a more distinguished air. The icons become square with rounded edges, the colors are mountain brown, green and other shades. These can also be seen in the time widget.

retro-mountain tema miui

On the lock screen , you will see several widgets, such as the time in analog and digital clock , the day, the gallery and many other access icons, even with the remaining battery percentage.

In Retro Newspaper you will see your screen better

Retro Newspaper is a great background because it not only has a retro feel to it, but recreates a newspaper clipping on your screen with a female face in the background. Very relaxing light tones predominate that will allow you to visualize all the contents on the mobile well.

retro-newspaper tema miui

Keeps square icons with rounded edges, shaded gray or another shade depending on the app. On the lock screen you will see newspaper clippings, and it will also display the battery you have left.

For lovers, Retro Style Love

You can opt for this with some very retro tones in which roses, hearts and lots of love appear. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, celebrating love, or any occasion you fancy. When you have it you will see that your icons, except the folders, acquire a black heart shape with a red border.

retro-style-love tema miui

Vintage colors, with a very colorful retro air

Your mobile screen with Vintage colors has a light color tone. However, it gives a new life to the icons of the apps that you have on the screen, rounding them in different colors. Although brown predominates in many of them, you will be able to see how some differ in their design and background color so that you can find them better. For example, TikTok has a gray tone.

vintage-colors tema retro miui

The lock screen is presented with many attractive widgets such as time and day widgets and many others. If you press on them, as can be the case with the gallery, you will be able to access wherever you want quickly.