Gig free! All the ways to get space on OneDrive without paying

The cloud storage services that we can use right now can be extremely useful. Among the many proposals that we have at our disposal, one of the most popular is Microsoft‘s OneDrive.

As a general rule, these remote storage platforms to which we refer, in principle, offer us a free modality. This is usually given by a fixed amount of space that we have at our disposal on their servers. Later if we need to increase it, that is when we will have to start paying. This mode of operation is extensible to most of the current cloud storage proposals. This includes the aforementioned Microsoft OneDrive.

All the ways to get space on OneDrive without paying

Depending on the type of use we make of all this remote space , we will need more or less gigabytes. That is why we are going to talk about how to get free space on Microsoft servers to save our files and folders. In this way we can free up space on our local drives, or make remote backups on those servers.

Most of the time, at least when it comes to end users , they’re not too into paying for a cloud storage subscription. They usually make the determination to use several platforms in their free mode to cover their needs. Another very different thing is what refers to companies. If it is used in a more corporate way, it can be profitable to pay for a storage subscription of these characteristics.

Get free space on OneDrive

The first thing we can do to enjoy free storage space on Microsoft’s remote servers is to create a firm account. This means that we can create a personal account without spending a single euro through our favorite internet browser . We can use this on the firm’s platforms and applications in the future, and we will have a total of five gigabytes without spending a single euro .

onedrive gratis

This way we can store a good number of our own files and files in the cloud at no cost. For example, we can also configure Windows to save our system backups to this remote space.

Get a Bonus on the Live platform

On the other hand, and if we want to benefit from extra space on the storage platform at no cost, we can also access its Live platform . It is worth mentioning that here we will have to use an Outlook email account if we do not have one. Otherwise, we can also create one since it has no cost in order to benefit from this additional space on OneDrive.

live onedrive

Obviously, Microsoft itself also offers us some ways to increase this storage space in a more substantial way, but already for a fee. For example, in the event that we subscribe to the Microsoft 365 suite with which we will obtain up to one tera of storage available in the individual subscription . But of course, as we told you, this is not free at all, since the suite has a monthly cost.