Get the most out of your 3D printers with this free library

3D printing has revolutionized different industries. The reason for this is that it allows to have solutions in a simple way without having to order it on a large scale. In other words, it avoids us having to place large orders at an industrial level for solutions that do not require it. Of course, they require 3D knowledge to use. So we believe that this free library for 3D printers will interest you.

Making your own custom box is one of the applications of 3D printers as it allows us to print unique pieces. However, they are not the only application and it may be that at a given moment you need to print a specific object to solve a small problem. The counterpart? You need to take the computer, a 3D design program and design the part you need before printing it. So many times it is much more comfortable to leave almost and go look for the piece in question or order it from a third party.

Get the most out of your 3D printers with this free library

Not only this, but the design process for a 3D printer is even more complex, which is a barrier for many users. Therefore, the ideal would be to have access to already designed parts that can be printed automatically and be able to solve many problems directly. This applies not only at the domestic level, but also professionally. You may have a small workshop and you have stopped the construction or repair because you are waiting for a small part.

Printables is a free library for 3D printers?

3D printer manufacturer Prusa has launched a website, , through which ready-made designs can be downloaded for 3D printing . It must be taken into account that this type of website usually has some type of subscription associated with it that allows the creators of the different models to be financed and paid for their work. What other models do is fill ads in order to finance through advertising.

Libreria Gratuita Impresoras 3D

However, the website is not new, as it was previously known as Which had the same goal, but implied that the models that could be downloaded were only for their 3D printers. With the name change they make it clear that it can be used on any device of this type . One might also think that the website is full of advertisements, but the only thing there is is a digital store to buy their products. No invasive advertising, which is appreciated.

Rather, it functions as a viral community to increase interest in 3D printing . So, gives access to its free library for 3D printers in a very original way. This consists of a points system where loyalty is rewarded . We get points for downloading the material, uploading photos of our models, etc. At the same time, creators are rewarded for creating new models. It is, therefore, an original way to popularize 3D printing among the public. As well as for professionals with specific needs.